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hello there. i'm a CGFNS certificate holder and a nclex passer however, i felt so sad thinking that i've been waiting for my immigrant visa for two years now. I'm considering the option of working as... Read More

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    opps dont know what happened there!
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    hi does anyone know the pattern of exam in moh uae exam for nurses. thank u very much
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    hi ..........thanx 4ur info.....

    Iam pursing my BSc nursing fourth year (MALE NURSE) it is going 2 complete by dis nov....i would like to work in gulf will the career over there.......wat is the process to land over there..............if possible plz send me visa.................can any one help me out please.......plz help me
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    A guy from my class says he heard that RNs in Dubai earn like 96k USD, tax free! That can't be true, can it? It sounds too good to be true...
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    $96,000 per year is Outrageously impossible. US RN's are the highest paid and making 96k (PER YEAR HA) would take overtime and or a specialized-skilled position.

    my 2 cents.......if saudi does pay 96K usd i'll leave america and work in saudi. starting here in states can be as low as $25 per hour.
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    He said the there are some agencies who hire RNs from US, Canada, Europe ect. to work in the Gulf and these RNs are paid (in Dubai) $96,000 USD tax free! (I know, sound impossible) these RNs are usually offered 3 year contracts (with possibility of renewal) usually they live in compounds, (room and board) type of accommodation (as far as I understood) I'll ask him again, I'd like to know where he got this info from, Dubai is a rich place maybe it is true.... but to me it still sounds too good to be true!
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    Can anyone explain nurse patient ratio in the trauma hospital Rashid, in Dubia?
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    Anyone working here in Dubai? Just want to know the breakdown of you allowance? living allowance to be exact.. like housing, transportation and food... do they give it along with your monthly salary?
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    I visited a bunch of nurse friends in dubai this year, and although they did not want to disclose to me their salary, from how they describe it, it seems that housing is the heaviest expense for's a 3-bed, 2 bath unit and they pay around $1k just for their room, which is split between 4 of them (they have bed bunks), then the other friends pay their own room $1k, and another tenant pays for his it's $3k for a unit for them...they share the kitchen and the's not so wide but at least they have space to move around...some of our other friends live in cramped, noisy places...they also share the utility bills...expenses on food depends on how you budget on food...

    it's easy to go around the city with public transportation, they have buses and the can purchase bus cards...or you can take taxi too...but they are pricey...

    For the most part, People say they only make as much to pay the bills and have a little bit of savings (depends on how thrifty you are..Dubai has got lots of places to shop!)

    I have a nurse friend that works for a shiek, and she is in London with them right now because the kids are on vacation, so she has to go too...she's gone to lots of places with them already, sometimes she takes home food from the palace given to her, and if they are only in Dubai her shifts go two days on, two days off..something like that...
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    I'm looking for info. on Rn's in the middle east. Currently talking with hziegler, no positions in UAE, only Riyahd in Saudi, not even Jeddah right now. Anyone been??? I'm looking for first hand info.!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

    Just to clarify all of the exaggerated wages we so often hear...Salary ends up at $62,000 take home, tax free/year. Housing of course in paid for. Around 45 days paid vacation/year.
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    how is the chance for a casual nurse being hired in UAE? how much salary will i be expecting to get? if you have any recommendation as to where and email adds i could contact pls pm me or kindly email me... Thank you for your help...
    I am currently waiting for the progress of my application in UAE(abu dhabi).

    help your kababayang pinay to be employed and stop being exploited in our our country due to surplus.