Need help:Tell that I have a relative or not?

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    Hi fellow Nurses! Esp. to those who are already in a first-world countries. I just want to ask some help about the best way to answer a question from an embassy whether to tell them the truth that I have a relative in a certain country or not? I have a relative and I'm hesitant to tell the truth because I've heard that it is best not to tell. I just wonder what's the reason behind not telling that you have a relative because in my opinion, it would really help in you have one in a foreign country like Germany. Which would be helpful in being approved in an embassy? To tell or not to tell? Please I need enlightenment,:'(

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    Never ever lie to immigration. If they ask answer if they don't then don't volunteer the information
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    Why would you lie?

    A relative provides you with a social support network!
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    I agree, always be honest.
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    What would the reason be for lying?

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    I don't know about Germany, but I do know that if you lie to a US immigration official, then you can be slapped with misrepresentation and banned from the US for life. Don't risk it.
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    Quote from eatmysoxRN
    What would the reason be for lying?

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
    Probably to "better" her chances to get a visa because if you ties to the country you're going to, in the eyes of immigration, you're more likely to overstay your visa. A friend of mine is from South Africa, living in the USA with her husband. Her daugher is 22 and applied for a F1, had all the funds, etc, but was denied because they believed she would try to stay once she was done with school because her parents were here.

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