Looking for Nursing schools in California that accept International students

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    Hello, I'm a graduate of BSN in the Philippines batch 2012 and applied for NCLEX-RN here in California. After completing all the requirements the Ca-BRN wrote me a letter telling me that I have some deficiencies (MS, OB, Pedia and Psych) which have something to do with the concurrency issue and go back to school to complete the said deficiencies.

    I asked some schools near my place. One school didn't credit all the subjects that I took which I have to go back to zero and other schools I'm still waiting for them to call back to meet with the counselor about my situation.

    While waiting I want to ask if anyone knows some nursing schools that is accredited by the CA-BRN that accepts foreign students to enroll just the deficiencies. Thank you in advance to anyone who will reply to this message

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    Just know that since Nov. 2011, there's been only a handful that have been granted the approval to take the NCLEX in CA, there's literally a few thousand stranded and stuck in limbo due to the very strict enforcement of the concurrency rules established (year 1987) by the CA BRN since when maybe most of us were born or even later.

    To cut to your question in real quick answer is NO, but there's been a few who have or claimed their friends did but not yet confirmed. You can expect to pay up to 7,500 - $14,000 in tuition to take the deficiencies.

    You have up to three (3) years from your application date to complete any and all deficiencies or the CA BRN will consider your application abandoned. This means you need to submit the completed courses before that time expires.

    Kabayans, read ALL the threads posted in the World forum, under "Nurse registration", lots of good reads here.

    But here's one on the concurrency: [COLOR=#003366]http://allnurses.com/nurse-registrat...ew-631735.html

    Here's how to comply: [COLOR=#003366]http://allnurses.com/nurse-registrat...on-718314.html

    The other States enforcing the concurrency rule: [COLOR=#003366]http://allnurses.com/nurse-registrat...me-760249.html

    CA BON discussions about PH grads: [COLOR=#003366]http://allnurses.com/nurse-registrat...on-687636.html

    One option after getting denied by CA BON: [COLOR=#003366]http://allnurses.com/nurse-registrat...ow-681582.html

    Those trying to endorse (transfer) from one State license into CA: [COLOR=#003366]http://allnurses.com/nurse-registrat...to-746541.html

    Here's the real cold and hard facts about the nursing profession from the PH in today's world:


    Guys, there's a lot more to read in the section mentioned above!!!
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    Thank for the reply and links that you've send. I read most of it and mostly decided to take the LVN path. I was considering that option too because until now I still haven't got any luck looking for schools wherein I can take only the course work that was required by the CA-BRN but my parents still wants me to look for schools before applying for the LVN exam which sucks because that would take forever. Btw, out of the schools that I've contacted these are ones who accepts foreign RN grads namely: Pierce College, College of Canyons, Evergreen Valley College and Los Angeles Valley College. Pierce College told me to send first a copy of the letter from the CA-BRN and fill out the form of Foreign RN Petition form from their site and they will respond not until later next month.
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    No problem, good luck! Yea, someone tried at Pierce (30 spots) but didn't get in, as they go first to the already enrolled students, then to other local CA students or nurses, then anything left over from the 30 spots, goes to international students applying.

    But from what the CA BRN has told you that you're also missing Pedi and Psych (like so many coming in from the UK or other European countries) versus just the usual MS-OB could be extra cost and time to find those schools if the ones you're applying to don't offer those. That's why I think there's been several here who were required to re-take the entire nursing program, as it's probably less costly even tho it is more time consuming. The big issue is that you only have 3 years from your application date to submit any and all deficient paperwork to show your completed courses or the application file will be abandoned. They will NOT give out any extension, other have tried and so did my friends. Like you, been looking for over a year, nada.

    Let your folks know that going the LVN-RN program route can take just as long, as some do require a year's working experience as an LVN as part of their application process and those that do and don't, the wait list goes from 2-3-4 years and that's just for those as CA grads.

    However, the more costly and private schools don't have as long of a wait list but the up front tuition runs into the $10,000's versus the less costly community schools but have to go on wait list. you can check out the CA nursing forums here and see how many try to get in, how many have waited years, but we don't hear of those that never got in at all.

    Your other option is to apply out of state that's not enforcing the concurrency at this time, work there? But the years of actual working experience can not be used to make up any deficiencies if you want to come back to CA.
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    - Can you please name some private schools that doesn't have a long wait list of foreign rn grads? thank you Sorry if I ask alot of questions
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    I think one of the above links I used has some names, but you do need to call or e-mail them for current status as they may grown a list by now. There is another link, but don't recall which one that has some more information also in this forum.
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    Thank you! I've read them on the forum and called the schools but there are alot of requirements they want you to take the TEAS V and that is just one of the criteria for admission not to mention there is a waiting list.
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    Hi! Has any of you applied for the BRN deficient program for fall?regarding the exam for fundamentals and the steps that EVC require, does any of you have any idea how to do it?please help!
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    I called them last month and told me that the application for BRN deficiency will be available on October next year. Wherein that's the only time you can apply. You can also check their website then go to Nurse and Allied Health section, click on the BRN Course Deficiency student and read the requirements.
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    Quote from l0saC08
    I called them last month and told me that the application for BRN deficiency will be available on October next year. Wherein that's the only time you can apply. You can also check their website then go to Nurse and Allied Health section, click on the BRN Course Deficiency student and read the requirements.
    Yeah i applied and they require an entrance exam i guess.do you know which ones to review.I need a study buddy.lol..

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