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Hello, I'm a graduate of BSN in the Philippines batch 2012 and applied for NCLEX-RN here in California. After completing all the requirements the Ca-BRN wrote me a letter telling me that I have some... Read More

  1. by   lionsimba
    yes i just finished this september. while waiting for cal state. just keep looking for other schools. or take nclex rn in other state so by the time you finished the subjects all you have to do is transfer your license.
  2. by   daisycariaga
    @lionsimba: pls send me the requirements needed for my deficiencies in MS and OB.i plan to enroll in cal state san bernardino. This is my email freelancer_25@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  3. by   BelleRose
    To those who successfully submitted their Foreign RN Petition at Pierce College, what did you write on the 'State Details of Petition'? Thank you.
  4. by   lirioanna
    Hi! I just want to ask have you been eligible already for Nclex-RN? I am from the Bay area too. Thanks.
  5. by   spookycheek
    Quote from lyndl14
    Try Samuel Merrit University. I got in and was done last December. It's based on random selection and thankfully I got selected. The program is worth it as I've learned so much with regards to the nursing profession here.
    Hi may i ask how much did you pay? And is it ms and ob only? thanks!
  6. by   Geegee123
    Just FYI, I emailed the Dean of Nursing of South Texas College if they offer Med/Surg and OB but unfortunately they don't.
  7. by   Geegee123
    Hi everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone here is taking or already took Med/Surg and OB courses out of state? If yes, did you ask the CA BRN for approval of the course description of the school you are going to? Or as long as the school is ACEN approved and on the approved list of the state board of nursing , we are able to get approved by CA BRN ? Please let me know.

  8. by   itsynaaa
    Hi! Just wanna ask what were the requirements when you get a slot. Did you take any exams such as teas?
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  9. by   itsynaaa
    Quote from lionsimba
    they offer MS and OB every summer. you can call them every September to be included in the wait list for next year's class. most are Filipinos but there are students from other countries too. program is cheaper ($5k for 2 subjects) compare to other schools. clinical instructors are nice and impressive.
    Hi! Just wanna ask what were the requirements when you got a slot. Did you take any exams such as teas? please email me at krisnafranada@ymail.com