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I'm from Spain.

  1. 0 Hi!! I'm Oliver, I am from Europe (Spain) and now I live in GA (Lawrenceville) I'm nurse but I don't know what kind of here , I have been living in Lawrenceville for 5 months, In Spain, we don't have specaillity, We are general nurses, We studied in the University like here.

    I'm so sorry for my english It's so bad, but I am learning.

    I would like to talk about how is the nursery here. and if I will have oportunitys for to work here.

    Thank you very much.
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    Enjoy the club. I have never worked with babes. There are plenty of great nurses that have though.

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    Hi Oliver! We were stationed in Spain at Zaragoza Air Base in Zaragoza (Saragosa) fro 1982 to 1985. Our youngest son was born there! Loved the country and the people were so very nice and friendly. Welcome!
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    welcome to allnurses.com from rainy bangkok. quite unusual for us..........
    which part of spain are you actually from. made three trips there two years ago in just a period of six months to see different areas. love the country!

    are you planning on working in the us? if so, look at the sticky that i posted under the international section and you can see all of the info that you will need to help you.

    good luck, and again, welcome!
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    Welcome to All Nurses and don't worry about your English! You'll learn a lot here!
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    Thanks, renerian, traumarus, suzzane4 and CNM, I'm from Canary Islands (Spain) It's near Africa and a very nice place. Can you explain to me how many kinds of nurses there are here?, I studied in the university for 3 years, I worked in Paliative care for 2 years, maybe it is my favorite service, I wrote 2 chapters for two books about this. Thank you for answering me.
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    [font=Franklin Gothic Medium]You should have no trouble utilizing your Nursing skills in a nursery that has a large Hispanic population. You will learn English and Spanglish and be a great assistance to young parents. Good Luck in America