How do I become an RN in France?

  1. I've just been admitted into the ADN program at my school and I'm excited. Most of my life I have wanted to live in France (Nice to be specific). I know that I would need to speak fluent french, but what exactly would I need to do to be able to work as an RN. I have heard its better to go to the UK and work as a nurse because once you have worked in Europe you can nurse anywhere else in Europe. Any information is a huge help and is greatly appreciated.
    By the way, if I know I want to eventually become a citizen of France is it worth getting a BSN?
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    experiencing nursing in france - nursezone

    so what does it take to be a french nurse? according to danielle cosquer, cadre infirmer, an employee of l'hộpital avicenne, nursing in france is very similar to the united states but with some notable differences. french nursing school consists of 10 months of didactic training, which prepares the students to be nursing assistants. the students must then work for three years in a hospital environment and take an entrance test. nursing coursework through a university or institute combined with clinicals for two years is then required. if all classes and standardized tests are passed, students get certified as a nurse, similar to our bsn.
    french nurses do not have state licensure and no continuing education hours required by the state. education for nursing certification is free and after students are certified they may work at any hospital, public or private, in any area of france and in other countries in europe. if promotion within the hospital system is desired, the nurse must work for a year or two to gain experience and enroll in additional training for specialty nurse. a specialty nurse may then advance in training to a nurse manager, or a high level nurse manager. the high level nurse manager position is similar to our director of nursing position
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    There is a huge thread discussing France and working and many post issues if trained outside the EU. If I remember rightly there are many nationals including Canadians having problems and not being able to work in France

    I can't see how working many years in the UK means you can work elsewhere in Europe as only being a citizen in a country of the EU makes it easier to move around the EU. I believe for the EU a BSN is required as all countries in the EU have an agreed criteria enabling people from within the EU to move and work. I do know currently the UK will not accept ADN so imagine France will be similar
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    I can't see how working many years in the UK means you can work elsewhere in Europe as only being a citizen in a country of the EU makes it easier to move around the EU.
    That's because once your degree is recognized in 1 Eu country and have worked at your degree's qualification level, you can work elsewhere in the EU: the degree will be recognized as valid in any other EU country.
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    If your plan is to with in the UK first that may well be your first struggle. unless you work in a shortage profession then it will be difficult for you to get a work visa, jobs are scarce and the NHS is struggling

    If France is your goal then aim to meet the requirements of working in France, otherwise you'll battle to meet immigration requirements for one country, then have to repeat the process when you decide to move on