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Just thought I'd stop in and say hello... I'm 39 (INFP for you Myers-Briggs fans :cool:), from Scotland :heartbeat in the UK, and am in my first year at an Italian uni, studying nursing. I'm finding the academic side pretty... Read More

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    guys what are the requirements needed to be able to work in italy as a nurse! I am 25 years old, female, RN from philippines and currently working here in saudi arabia but I am planning to go in italy or france to work as a Nurse also
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    Guys whatever you do don't move to Italy!!I'm an Anglo-italian nurse,lived my whole life in Italy.Right now we are living in a very bad recession,our health care system is sinking.There are no jobs for nurses considering that hospitals are actually closing down. Or if you are lucky you might get a job with a 3months contract and after that that's it!!I'll be moving to the UK in a couple of months,just waiting for the NMC registration!!
    Sorry to give bad news but just wanted to warn you!!