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  1. Are there many union hospitals here in Wisconsin?
    We have been having some "situations" where I work, and someone made the comment "If we had a union, we would always know where we stand". I know people get nervous when the word union is brought up-I guess I am not well enough informed to feel one way or the other. Any input would be appreciated!
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  3. by   Akasha85
    I have worked for a union and they only take your money. I have not heard of any union helping nurses. It may have changed but back in the day the only union that would take nurses was teamsters. Now I am not that ancient it was only about 10 years ago. The places you work for have fired people for union talk but that is illegal. So you need to be on the dl. never talk about it on work property and only talk to people you truly trust. good luck
  4. by   3isenough
    St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee is union. All the nurses there are getting their raises this year because it is in their contract unlike most of Milwaukee area hospitals (wage freezes).
  5. by   northerner
    Union dues pay for the costs of enforcing a collective bargaining agreement. It's cheaper than a lawyer for when the employer pulls stuff. There are thousands of unionized healthcare workers around the country, and in Wisconsin. Not all unions are the same. Some just collect money from the members and aren't so good at representing the needs of the workers, but a union is only as strong as the workers that are in it. The Machinists Union represents healthcare workers at some nursing homes in Wisconsin, the U.P. of Michigan, and Minnesota. They even have some LPNs and RNs. You can check out their website...www.goiam.org. Or just find a district office in either Milwaukee, LaCrosse, or Wausau, and give them a call. They can give you the details confidentially.
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    There are pros cons and always risks. I have had two experiences (i'm from california by the way).
    When the grocery stores in California had a strike in 2003. Well...ultimately after 8 months with no paycheck, we lost. My wage was 7.25/hr. All I wanted to keep was my benefits, which were drastically reduced and I had premiums.
    Now I have my first RN job. The benefits are good, the wages are the highest in my area. I feel somewhat safe at my job as I have to have union representation for any allegations. The downside is that any nurse who makes it pass their 90 days is very safe. So the good ones are protected as well as the bad ones.
    I know that many people have mixed experiences, but ultimately, there is some nice advantages. I liked my union even when I worked at the grocery store, but I believed it had become a downfall, my union dues there were as much as my RN job now, and I made a fifth of what I do now!
  7. by   BookwormRN
    I work for a hospital that has a union and am currently the president of the local. We belong to the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, which is part of the AFT.

    While unions are not perfect, I am happy to have a union contract. Yes, it is for the good of all, and some individuals don't like that, but in my mind, it really does give me and all RNs, Lab Med Techs, Speech/Physical/Occupational Therapists a safer working environment. We do not have mandatory over-time; if the facility decides it wants to change wages, it must be negotiated. I have a Union Rep in Milwaukee to turn to if something does not appear to be on the up and up. It is a nice feeling of security.
  8. by   questionsaboutnrsing
    Does anyone have a list of what Wisconsin hospitals have nursing unions? I can't find anything anywhere.
  9. by   nurse0520
    does anyone know of any nursing facilities or hospitals in NEW or the fox valley have any unions?