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WGU (Western Governors) no longer "Accelerated and Affordable" - page 2

The Western Governors Pre-Licensure BSN Nursing program is no longer an "accelerated" program. It used to be a 2 year program, it has now been extended to 2 1/2 years. I believe the change was made... Read More

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    You should also consider what the job market is in your area. Would it be worth it to accrue more student loan debt to graduate sooner, if you cannot get a job right away? Many new grads spend 6-9 months job hunting before they're able to secure employment (some a year or longer). Is it worth it to rack up 60K in student loans if you can't find a job?

    In this current economy and job market, I would not recommend to ANYONE to go to a nursing school that's going to mean more than $10K in debt by the time you graduate.
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    Thank you so much Hexum994!!!
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    I know this is an old thread but I had to chime in. IMO WGU IS the most affordable BSN program. I live in Los Angeles & to get a BSN from a private nursing school...it takes 3 years & costs $70,000+ in fact, one extremely popular private school charges $140,000 WGU (Western Governors) no longer "Accelerated and Affordable"...That's just crazy $$$. I've told many of my friends who go to this expensive school: do you realize you could have gotten your BSN, MSN AND a DNP with that $140,000 you just dropped into ONE degree? They always say the same thing "oh my god, you're right"

    With state & UC schools, you'll spend $50,000+ for a BSN & spend 3-4 years in school. And sure, Jr colleges are the cheapest route & you get an ADN in 2 years for half the price of a BSN but out here, the ADN programs are so overcrowded that there are often 1-2 yr waiting lists or you have to apply several places & several times before you get accepted (meanwhile 2-3 yrs have passed).

    To me, WGU is by far the best value for your time & $$$ & the most flexible solution for working adults. Especially in my state, where becoming a nurse is harder due to overcrowding at schools & the high cost of nursing schools in the area.
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