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I started WGU RN-BSN on 4/1/13. I spoke with my mentor last night to set up my courses for my first term and she said that it will be nearly impossible for me to graduate in 6 months and 1 1/2 years... Read More

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    Quote from retroaries12
    i see you said 15 units and 16 on the 2nd - what is the max unit one may have to take?
    Everyone starts off with 12 units per semester. If you're getting financial aid, you have to complete at least 2/3 of these units in order to continue qualifying for financial aid. If you're not getting financial aid, I suppose there's realistically no minimum, but it would get awful expensive with the flat-rate-per-semester pricing.

    There is no maximum. If you are capable of completing all your classes in one semester, you can do that.
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    If you're not getting financial aid, you still have to complete 12 units per semester (8 for MSN classes). If you don't finish, you get a "fail" for those classes, which will ultimately lower your GPA. You have to retake them the next semester.
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    I think as your mentor gets to know you and sees you progressing through your courses she will understand you better.
    I did the WGU program BSN in one year but hadn't been in a classroom for years and worked full time. It is very paper
    intensive, but it was a really great program. I also did their MSN program and finished last year. Very worthwhile.
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    This morning an enrollment counselor told me the RN to MSN program takes FOUR YEARS!!! I have a bachelor's degree in psych and an associate's in nursing. Four years is a far cry from a 1-2 years. Has anyone else heard this?
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    It would take 4 years if you did the minimum number of credits each semester (12 credits/semester for the undergrad courses, and 8 credits/semester for the master's level courses). It's quite easy to accelerate if you're motivated and don't procrastinate.

    But even with accelerating, I don't think I've heard of anyone who was able to do the whole thing in a year. More typical for highly motivated students is 2 terms for the BSN portion and 2 terms for the MSN, for a total of 2 years. I did my BSN in 3 terms (18 months) and it will take me 2 years to do my MSN. This is without acceleration. I've been a student at WGU since July, 2011. I plan to graduate in May of 2015 (I took 5 months off between the BSN and the MSN programs).
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