WGU RN to BSN. Starting 4/1/13 Anyone?

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    Hi getting ready to start in April. Goal is to finish in 6 mths. I would love to be part of a "support/encouragement" group. :0)

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    Hi I will be starting 04/01/13 I would also like to be part of support group and is looking to finish in 6 months
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    Same here - start 4/1 and 6 months or less is my goal!!! Ready to get started!!!
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    I am starting 4/1/2013. I am ready to roll.
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    I look forward to your experiences....I just contacted WGU today for the RN to MSN. I have a BA in another area. Don't know if I'll do it; I have a daughter finishing her 4-year degree in Psych and starting on her Masters. Are you planning to work while finishing in 6 months? If you can do it in six months, it's a very inexpensive degree.
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    I am hoping to start on 4/1 as well, but I am waiting to hear the final word I guess. My goal is to complete it in less than 6 months as well. Good luck everyone!
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    I'm 4/1 also, although I am waiting to get final word on what I need take. All my transcripts just arrived a few days ago. 6 mos is definitively my goal. I going to try not to work so I can get it done ASAP. I would love to be part of a group. I'm guessing that I'm going to have to do prereqs like BioChem and College Algebra. I hope I'm wrong!
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    I am all set to start on 4/1. :-)
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    I'm starting then as well. Good luck to us!
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    I am going to start in April 1st as well. I am nervous and excited. Please, would anyone tell me I can do this? I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. Six kids later and have been a nurse for 17 years, spent most of it and still loving it at Peds Hem-Onc BMT in SF, I am ready. Is it really doable in 6 months? Less pain is better, plus it's all I can afford. Thanks for your input.

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