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Who's starting WGU 11/1/11. I saw there was a thread for 10/1/11, figured we could start one for November. Had my intake interview already, my transcripts have not been evaluated yet but am feeling the pressure to pay up by... Read More

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    Nerdtonurse... I completed the BSN in 3 months 8 days!!!!! Good Luck, very doable!
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    Quote from Lisa1980
    Nerdtonurse... I completed the BSN in 3 months 8 days!!!!! Good Luck, very doable!
    Wow! That is superb! Did you have any kind of life outside doing school work?

    Also, can someone please explain how the 'clinical' really works? I know they say no real clinicals, but there is a 40hr requirement (I forget what they call it). How does it work?
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    I'll be starting 11/1 pending transcript review. Little nervous because it's my understanding that all transcripts have to be in by the 25th of the month prior to start date and I'm still waiting to find out if the last two arrived. Pretty sure I'll have to take Nutrition, BioChem and maybe even Microbiology in addition to the BSN curriculum which will suck, but I'm still hoping to finish everything in six months. Excited to get started, and it will be nice to have you all on here to to through the program with!
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    Woot! Woot! Got my transcript eval, only have to take 7 classes plus EWB. No biochem! But I have to take nursing informatics...and I have a MS in computers.....
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    I just talked to my enrollment counselor and I have to wait for a 12/1 start date, they met their cap for Nov. The good thing is that they are going to allow students to take the first class 11/15 which I believe is EWB.
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    Quote from fallinnstyle
    Sounds like we are in a similar boat. Have you had BioChem before? It sounded like from talking to the admission counselor, my general chem would not be enough and I would have to take BioChem. I am dreading it.
    It may be reason enough for me to enroll in Chamberlain just to avoid doing BioChem.

    My counselor said I should have my evals soon, but she kept talking about how there is a huge volume of applicants and transcripts received and the eval office maybe overwhelmed. idk
    I took "Fundamentals of Chemistry," a 4 credit hour course with lecture and lab, at a local community college. It was accepted for the chem requirement from WGU. Not sure if that is helpful info, but if you've taken something similar I would definitely appeal the transcript eval if it's not accepted. Good luck to you!
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    Woohoo! got my transcript evals today. Just have to do one non nursing class. Sooo excited.
    Now I have to pay the tuition and am on my way.
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    I'll be there with you guys 11/1/11
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    My enrollment adviser made me think I would have to take biochem. Glad she was wrong. Now it's getting real.
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    I'll be starting 11/1/11, great date. I start with EWB and Nutrition, got a general email about what to expect for that date. Are u guys planning to complete in one term?

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