wgu prelicensure bsn

  1. Im looking for a good rn , bsn program. anyone attending to wgu for prelicensure bsn? could you tell me about your experience with this program?
    thank you
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Welcome! Your thread has been moved to our Western Governors University forum. Good luck to you.

  4. by   meme8883
    Mimi I am in the prelicensure program in CA. Currently in term 2 (5 total). What would you like to know?
  5. by   justcuriousrn1
    Meme8883 how are you liking the prelicensure program? I have a friend asking me about it but I only did the RN to BSN course.

    How are the clinicals structured? How is it overall?
  6. by   centercourt2015
    Here is a sample schedule of the entire 5 year program:


    SO basically the areas that state labs, clinicals, assessment just make sure your schedule is free. If it is white that means nothing is going on during that time frame and you just work on your online didatic courses. All exams are proctored some exams (the corse nursing classes) need to be taken at a certified ATI testing site.