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    I am looking into the WGU Prelicensure program. I already have my BA in Economics and am pursuing a huge career change. Does anyone know if the CNA requirement is something we have to complete to be admitted to the program? I have all of the other pre-reqs satisfied. But completing a CNA requirement will cost a lot more and take a lot more time than attempting to attend a different program.

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    I am interested in attending WGU here in Tx. It is not requires to complete a CNA certification program to be admitted to the Pre-licensure program. Hope that helps.
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    Is anyone plan on applying to the November 1 start date at WGU pre licensure program in Texas?
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    I am hoping to get into the Nov 1 start here in Houston. Everything has been submitted and I am just waiting to hear back now.

    Are you in the Dallas area or Houston?
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    Hello EMarieTX I'm in the Houston area, I spoke with my enrollement counselor yesterday, and she informed me they have not selected yet, hopefully the end of this week or early next week. Im so nervous, but my file is complete I wish they would hurry and let me know that way if I dont get in, I can find another school such as chamberline or corpus christi A & M. Have you heard anything yet?
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    For the Houston applicants -- where did you take the biochemistry prereq? I have 8 credits of general chemistry but can't seem to find a lower-level biochem class offered anywhere locally. Thanks!
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    You can still be admitted to wgu without bio chem, but it looks better if you have it ( I don't ). You can take it at Huntington college of health science for $800. Also SoCal for around the same price.
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    I have not heard anything yet about the Nov 1 start date. I am supposed to talk with my advisor tomorrow.

    As far as the other schools, I was actually accepted in to the eLine program at Corpus but after talking to some current students in that program that are in the Houston area I decided that WGU would be a better fit.
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    Am I understanding the pre-licensure program correctly? It's a two-part program: the first part is the didactic, on-line self-paced portion. Once you pay for and finish that, you then have to RE-APPLY to the program for the Clinical portion, and there is absolutely no guarantee that finishing the on-line didactic portion will get you into the Clinical portion. And the way I read it, the credits you earn in the first phase -- the didactic on-line classes -- do NOT transfer to any other Texas college should you not be accepted into the Clinical phase of the program.

    So -- if you don't do well enough in the on-line part of the program to get into the "highly-competitive" (WGU's words, not mine) clinical portion of the program, you've wasted your money??

    Ouch!! It sounds as if a student's ability to complete the entire program is governed significantly by WGU's ability to line up clinical rotations. Will they be able to line up enough clinical rotations to make the gamble worth while?
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    I was accepted into wgu, but as an alternant. So I will be starting November 1 but when clinicals come along if someone doesn't make through for whatever reasons then I will take there spot, but if everyone makes it through then next Houston cohort I will have a guarantee spot. I think it may have something to do with my teas scores they were pretty low.

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