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I am looking into the WGU Prelicensure program. I already have my BA in Economics and am pursuing a huge career change. Does anyone know if the CNA requirement is something we have to complete to... Read More

  1. by   twainsette
    hi I wonder if you already completed the program? im planning to apply, but seeing the messages from different people its making me confuse. some are good some are not. the only concern that I have now is the clinical part. they have been saying its too competitive in clinical part. I mean how competitive is it? is it by grade? by experience? im also from California, and that's the scary part. lol.. please give me some of your infos.
  2. by   protectNnurse2b
    Clinicals competitive? You show up and learn under an rn, other than that I don't understand the question
  3. by   EsJ87
    Hi twainsette - I'm in the same boat !! I've heard that the GPA average for accepted CA applicants in 3.84 for sciences (AP1 AP2 and MicroBio) - as per my enrollment counselor, they don't really take GPA of any other classes into account.... which is unfortunate. I also heard that the TEAS scores that are "competitive" for CA are hovering around the 90s !! YIKES

    I just started my application process on December 23rd and am super nervous to hear back if they will accept my sciences core classes as they are currently under review by the DON of the CA program... Thy are older than 5 yrs.
  4. by   twainsette
    they just received my transcript, I live in ventura couty so I don't know how far is the clinical site from my place. I want to see if this is worth a try. can you let me know once they accepted you? I have been trying to apply in local community college but they have so many requirements and they are so strict when it comes to age of your sciences classes. I have taken my science classes like 9 years ago and they wont accept them. regarding about the teas, I don't know how many times yo ucan take the teas. I have taken teas and failed it but not sure if I can retake it again. but ill see, im just waiting for them to contact me regarding about the transcript.
  5. by   EsJ87
    My Anatomy is 8 yrs old, I took 3 physiology courses and a lab 7 yrs ago and my microbio is from December 2010, so not sure why they flagged that one for under review also. My cumulative GPA for these is 2.95 so it's not very competitive but I'm hoping they take my masters GPA into consideration as well (3.82) as proof that my grades can be a lot better!
    I myself am studying for he read now and have never taken it before so I'm waiting to see if they will accept my science core before I set a date to take the exam... No sense in taking the teas test if I have to retake anatomy and physiology again

    best of luck!!
  6. by   twainsette
    idk if you still opening this , but my question to you, where did you take your clinical? and what are your schedules? the days and hours of clinical? if you have this infos it will give me a lot of ideas . thank you
  7. by   EsJ87
    WGU did not accept my physiology and anatomy courses so I am in the process of retaking them at this time