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  1. WGU Pre-Licensure TX

    Used straighterline for AP1/2,MicroB. Did Houston location, thought it was a good experience overall.
  2. Straighter Line Experiences

    Before doing WGU Prelicensure. I took straighterline classes for Microbiology and AP 1/2. I finished all three within 2 months. The courses are hard but worth it, I've been an ICU nurse now for over 3 years. WGU is one of the few who accepts straight...

    Does anyone have this for sale? I am looking for it to study for the CCRN asap. Thanks.
  4. BARRY UNIVERSITY Post Baccalaureate DNP starting May 2018

    how was the interview?
  5. Barry University - DNP 2018

  6. BARRY UNIVERSITY Post Baccalaureate DNP starting May 2018

    see main thread for Barry DNP @
  7. Barry University - DNP 2018

    Anyone applying for this?
  8. Acute Care Practitioner

    UTHealth in Houston, its near me and the entire program is like $13,000 for MSN
  9. Help - what is the easiest floor to work

    Easiest floor to work? Don't come into nursing.
  10. Grow a thicker skin and don't care what anyone thinks about your decision.
  11. Barry CRNA Starting 2018

    Has anyone applied to Ocala location? How long did it take to prep and take the GRE? What parts of GRE need to be taken? General? Verbal / Math? Etc
  12. critical care experience

    ICU patients in general are better for critical thinking than any floor patient will be. I personally cannot stand Q4 vitals, I need it by the second to change my drips and call the intensivist on changes.
  13. DNP - Soooooo Bored....

    Are you looking for motivation or discipline? One is readily available, the other you have to pull deep within yourself. You choose.
  14. WGU FNP

    FNP is in the works.
  15. Flying through courses

    When I went through I had some classes that were quicker than others. Everyone is at their own pace. Just check off the boxes as you close in to your BSN. Don't worry how fast or slow you get there.