WGU - competency based means let go of perfectionism!

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    I FINALLY turned in my very first paper for my very first class. I've been stressing about this paper for literally weeks (I started the class over a month ago). It's on a topic I have no knowledge or interest in. I would write a little, then get stuck and walk away. Then stress about it and avoid it for days on end. I finally made myself finish and submit it on Monday. I thought the paper totally sucked a$$. I got my results back this evening, and I passed the competency. I easily could have finished this paper two weeks ago, but I was trying to make it perfect, and stressing that I knew it wasn't (and my way of dealing with stress is by avoidance).

    So, lesson learned - they don't expect perfection, and the fact that you don't get letter grades in this program should help you realize that your work doesn't need to be perfect, just acceptable.
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    You would be surprised how many perfectionists never learn this little life lesson!
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    Yeah, congrats!!!!
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    Bumping this up for new WGU students. It's an important lesson when doing a competency-based program!
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    Thanks, Klone.
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    I am glad that you posted this because I am an English snob.
    I will have to just follow my guidelines, write my papers and get them turned in!

    What has been the most challenging paper you have written to date?
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    klone-- How have your experiences been? Have you had to turn back on the perfectionistic side for any classes? Or are you still finding that the competency-based program requires you to look at classwork in a different way?
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    This is great to hear for those of us who have that problem.
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    Quote from klone
    Bumping this up for new WGU students. It's an important lesson when doing a competency-based program!
    Your words came as a relief. I'm taking the first Algebra class and struggling--and at the same time dreading the papers for the other classes. It's been awhile since I've had to do that. I do the same "avoidance" trick as you. Just started and already can't wait until its over.
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    Just bumping this up again, because I think it's STILL a valuable lesson (and one I STILL struggle with, three years later!)

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