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WGU - competency based means let go of perfectionism!

  1. 1 I FINALLY turned in my very first paper for my very first class. I've been stressing about this paper for literally weeks (I started the class over a month ago). It's on a topic I have no knowledge or interest in. I would write a little, then get stuck and walk away. Then stress about it and avoid it for days on end. I finally made myself finish and submit it on Monday. I thought the paper totally sucked a$$. I got my results back this evening, and I passed the competency. I easily could have finished this paper two weeks ago, but I was trying to make it perfect, and stressing that I knew it wasn't (and my way of dealing with stress is by avoidance).

    So, lesson learned - they don't expect perfection, and the fact that you don't get letter grades in this program should help you realize that your work doesn't need to be perfect, just acceptable.
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    You would be surprised how many perfectionists never learn this little life lesson!
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    Yeah, congrats!!!!
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    Bumping this up for new WGU students. It's an important lesson when doing a competency-based program!
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    Thanks, Klone.
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    I am glad that you posted this because I am an English snob.
    I will have to just follow my guidelines, write my papers and get them turned in!

    What has been the most challenging paper you have written to date?
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    klone-- How have your experiences been? Have you had to turn back on the perfectionistic side for any classes? Or are you still finding that the competency-based program requires you to look at classwork in a different way?
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    This is great to hear for those of us who have that problem.
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    Quote from klone
    Bumping this up for new WGU students. It's an important lesson when doing a competency-based program!
    Your words came as a relief. I'm taking the first Algebra class and struggling--and at the same time dreading the papers for the other classes. It's been awhile since I've had to do that. I do the same "avoidance" trick as you. Just started and already can't wait until its over.
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    Just bumping this up again, because I think it's STILL a valuable lesson (and one I STILL struggle with, three years later!)
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    Yup. Turned it 2 papers so far that I was SURE would be returned. Received 4s on all sections! I am constantly reminding myself to keep it basic!
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    Looking to start the BSN and also very anxious about the classes, tests and papers. I am looking for a program that will adequately prepare me for the role of an advanced practitioner and not just merely meet deadlines and complete courses. I have been a nurse for 22yrs and have taken some college credits as well so the requirement might not be that much. I have just looked at the WGU's program and I am wondering if it will be a good fit for me. I work 36 hrs per week and have a family like almost everyone these days in school. I am determined to do this within the next 12-18 months and then go on to do the MSN.
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    I think it should be fine, though obviously most of us in the program haven't previously done a BSN program and don't have anything to compare it to. WGU can be quick and relatively light if your goal is to get through as fast as possible, but there is plenty of substance there if you want to take your time and go more in-depth.
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