Starting WGU RN to BSN program August 1st

  1. I'm on track to start WGU's RN to BSN program August 1st. Just waiting to get all my transcripts in and evaluated. Anyone else starting WGU in August?
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  3. by   RN_SummerSeas
    I am also starting August 1st
    I am waiting on the transcripts from one of the 2 schools I went to, who suck and are taking a long time. But I have done everything else so I am very excited
  4. by   teacherturnedRN
    Thanks for responding to my post, Chaisaci. I'm waiting for one last transcript and am excited, too! Hope your transcript comes in soon!
  5. by   myviefolle07
    Final interview tomorrow.. Hopefully I will join you guys too <3
  6. by   teacherturnedRN
    Good luck with your final interview tomorrow, Myviefolle07!
  7. by   RN_SummerSeas
    YAY! Nice to know a couple others with the same start date! How long do you think it will take you to complete? I have to do the 7 core nursing courses and nutrition, I am planning to do it in 2 terms.
  8. by   teacherturnedRN
    I think I just have the core nursing courses to take, but I guess I won't know for sure until my transcripts are evaluated. I'd love to finish in two terms, or even one (I've heard that's possible!).
  9. by   rnrules11
    Quote from teacherturnedRN
    I'm on track to start WGU's RN to BSN program August 1st. Just waiting to get all my transcripts in and evaluated. Anyone else starting WGU in August?
    My transcripts were "lost" for awhile, but they were finally found and evaluated. I am surprised at how many classes I need even though I have an ADN. After reading through the WGU RN to BSN threads, I was hoping to only need the core nursing classes. They have changed the requirements recently, so I wish I had applied last year. Anyway, probably will be starting Aug. 1st too.
  10. by   teacherturnedRN
    I have an ADN, too - I wonder how many courses I'll need besides the core classes. I hadn't realized they'd changed the requirements lately.
  11. by   myviefolle07
    Same here, I also have an ADN from CA! My Transcripts haven't been evaluated so I don't know yet! Anyone from CA? Are immunizations required for RN to BSN? I know they require it for prelicensure! Anyone know? If yes then that's missing from my list of things to do!! I just want to start this ASAP. Hoping to get it done within 6months! I am that desperate :P
  12. by   teacherturnedRN
    I'm from California, too - Orange County. I believe proof of immunizations are required, as well as a background check. I'd love to get it done in 6 months, too.
  13. by   myviefolle07
    Uh ohh! OMG I hope I havent lost proof of my immunizations!! Thanks for the reply! BTW I am from Merced county! :P
  14. by   rnrules11
    When I asked my enrollment counselor why my ADN didn't allow me to have all "requirements satisified" by my ADN, I was told they had changed. I was using by the post by DreamNurseRN, who posted an awesome compilation about WGU, transfers, classes, etc. I was told that was how it used to be Hopefully this is DreamNurse's info link .When she applied, an ADN met all the requirements and just the core nursing classes were required. I like her information a lot better!