RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

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    Hi all, just wanted to give encouragement that it is possible to complete your RN-BSN in 6 months! I received word today that my last task was graded and passed! I started the program August 1st and my term ends January 31st. I completed 35 credits over the last almost 6 months. I had four prereqs; a writing class, biochem, math and nutrition. Also about halfway through the program I switched to the RN-MSN education track. That made one of the classes I had taken useless and I lost another BSN class and picked up 2 classes that are technically MSN but geared towards completion of the BSN. I work part-time, but did pick up a second job in November. I also have 4 kids all 10 and under. I loved the program and as happy as I am having completed all the coursework for my BSN, I'm also excited to be continuing my journey with WGU.

    Just thought I'd share and let you all know it is doable and worth the effort. I've learned so much!

    Good luck to you all!
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    Congratulations! Feels good to be done, doesn't it! Well, except you're not!
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    Thank you for your post. I have been in a very frustrating situation, and thought your or someone else could possibly point me in the right direction. I have been doing my RN-BSN through TESC, NJ. I started the program some years ago. I am a foreign graduate and have already done all the same BSN subjects overseas (they were just called other names) but TESC never gave me credit for these subjects- they were all part of the BSN core curriculum. Now 6 years later I find myself having 5 subjects left to do. The college will only allow me to do the subjects one after the other because they have a set "order" which we need to follow, meaning I will take another year to complete my BSN. This is utterly ridiculous as I should have been done long ago.

    I have been looking around to find other schools who will let me transfer into their RN-BSN program so I can finish in les than 6 months. All of them seem to have a limit to how much I can transfer in. I have about 101 out of the 120 required semester credits to complete my BSN. Because most schools (even online) tell me that I already have too many credits to transfer to another college, I feel I am stuck with this college, and will have to wait a whole year to start my MSN-NP.

    I have also emailed several colleges about transferring straight into their MSN program (based on my high credit count) where they could allow me entrance without a BSN yet, but all of them come back and tell me I need to have my BSN before they will consider me for their program.

    I have seen RN-MSN courses online but these are not in the track I want to pursue, since I would like to get my DNP(FNP) as an outcome.

    Can anybody advise or recommend an ACCREDITED college where they will take me for their BSN completion program even though I have 101/120 credits already and I can complete in 6 months or less?

    Or if you know of a decent MSN (FNP) program that would consider me without my BSN yet?

    Any advice/help is appreciated!
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    That is tough...you will have to look around. Schools don't accept credits form other schools because they want you to take them from their school.....it's a revenue issue. An online search can help you....RN to MSN.
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    That is so amazing and very, very inspiring!! I am hoping to go back within the next year to start my BSN. I am so happy to hear you did it, congrats!!!
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    Quote from klone
    Congratulations! Feels good to be done, doesn't it! Well, except you're not!
    Oh Klone...thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your helpful advice and support with my questions while I was starting this journey. It really helped me get to the end result. Thank you!
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    Esme is right. Many colleges will not accept BSN credits from other schools as they want the money put into their school. I know WGU would make you start from scratch and take all their BSN credits to obtain their degree. Also like Esme said you need to research your options and talk to the schools individually. Maybe a brick and mortar school would be more willing to work with you, but most those programs are regimented and you work at the pace the school sets for you.

    Sorry I don't have better news. Best of luck to you.
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    Quote from LTCnurse11
    That is so amazing and very, very inspiring!! I am hoping to go back within the next year to start my BSN. I am so happy to hear you did it, congrats!!!
    Good luck to you! Are you considering WGU? I really did love their program. The flexibility won me over. I liked finishing classes on my time and being able to dive right into the next one. My experience as a nurse played a large part, but I also learned things I was able to immediately put into my practice. I've recommended this program to many and will continue to do so. No matter how long it takes to finish the program the end result is an accredited degree at a fair price. I couldn't ask for more!
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    I am in my last quarter of my ADN program currently and am seriously considering starting at WGU this coming fall. Its very inspiring and exciting hearing a fellow nurse success with the program!

    Thanks and congrats!!

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    Considered decaf?
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