How seriously are RN-BSN graduates taken

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Im finishing up prerequisites for my ADN. My plan was to finish my ADN, bridge online to my BSN at one of the universities in my state, and hopefully relocate. However, I've began wondering how seriously RN to BSN applicants are taken? I know youre supposed to stay away from diploma mills and for profits, but are regular schools seen that way too? Furthermore, what if you want to go for higher education? 

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It doesn't matter. Once you have the BSN, you have your BSN. Nobody will look down upon you I promise. 

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No one cares.  Get your BSN.  What matters is certain jobs require a BSN.  Like the military requires a BSN.  Maybe a nurse manager job will require a BSN.  As long as you meet that qual it is then up to the person.  Literally no one has ever asked me where I got my BSN.   No one cares.  They care do I meet the requirements? check. Do I have a good work history. Check.  Etc, etc.   

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