MSN after RN-BSN at WGU

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    For those of you who have graduated and moved on from WGU, can you please tell me where you are pursuing your MSN? I am almost set to start 11/01 and just trying to plan out my future education.

    Have any of you had a problem getting into your dream school/dream program because of the pass/fail (3.0gpa) grading system?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd like to know this too. I am interested in getting started on my grad school as soon as I can after I finish my ADN. I want to get into University of Colorado - Denver BSN-DNP the most out of all the other schools.
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    I've asked the same question on another thread. No answer. Cal State Fullerton's Kaiser CRNA program won't even consider wgu applicants. CSUSM msn/fnp will allow you to apply, but 3.0 gpa is the bare minimum. Considering the competitive nature of apn program admissions I'd expect it to be a problem. Haven't heard back from the other CRNA and NP programs I've emailed. Considering I haven't heard from a single wgu grad claiming to have been accepted into an apn program I am not feeling to confident.
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    If your aspirations are to be an NP, I would probably recommend a different program, due to how competitive those programs tend to be.
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    Thanks everyone! I changed my mind about WGU. Decided that it wasn't the right fit for me. I have applied at other colleges (some brick and mortar) with traditional sessions/semesters and are 100% online.
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    Heard back from LLU CRNA program admissions office. They do accept WGU BSN applicants. I'm guessing the gpa issue will still make it tough to be competitive.
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    Can't help you. I am doing my MSN Ed at WGU. However, a number of schools told me that they will accept my post graduate degree if I wish to do the ARNP.
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    Will taking graduate level nursing courses at another institution help with the GPA issue?
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    It won't change the GPA that WGU gives you.
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    Quote from klone
    It won't change the GPA that WGU gives you.
    Yea I understand that, but would it help having other graduate nursing coursework to include?

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