Has anyone used a loan to pay for western govenors?

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone has used a loan or worked with western govenors to organize payment? What was the experience like? Was the school helpful? Do they even have a financial aid office?

    I was planning to pay out of pocket, but realized recently that won't work out. And still hoping for an August start date.
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  3. by   schnookimz
    I should mention that I did apply for private student loans and was declined due to not having a consigner.
  4. by   XmasShopperRN
    Have you completed a 2013-2014 FAFSFA application? The financial aid process was a little tedious, but not all that bad. For an 8/1 start date you'll need to have payment arrangements finalized by 7/22. I'm not saying it's impossible, but several steps in the financial aid process took up to 3 weeks to complete.
  5. by   klone
    Yes, they have a financial aid office. They also offer payment plans for those who are paying OOP.
  6. by   schnookimz
    I had no idea there were payment plans!!!!! Thank you!!! That should take care of it!

    I don't qualify for FAFSA aid because I have a previous BA degree and so FAFSA won't help with the BSN, only the MSN.

    I am lucky and my workplace offers 4000 in tuition reimbursement, but I thought I had to pay all 3500ish up front.
  7. by   2bTraumaRN2008
    My workplace does too, but the catch for them is they require a letter grade...so, it's totally out of the question for me...booooo...they will not accept pass/fail...so oop it is. So, I went forward with it..my thoughts are get it over and done with because I think we all will eventually need it. My employer also stopped promoting those up the clinical ladder without the bsn.