Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

  1. 18 I completed the final oral defense for my MSN through WGU this morning. I also have my BSN from WGU.

    Completed RN-to-BSN in one, six month term, and the MSN in 11 months and five days (not that I'm counting!)

    Two degrees for under $10K out of pocket, including books. (I received a total of $2K in scholarships)

    So----- I'm going to put myself out there and if you would like info about either program from a recent grad -hit me up!
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    Hi MaryCarny,

    I have been thinking about applying to WGU. I do not have an RN degree but they have a program for those that already have a Bachelors degree in a different area. What is your opinion about the school's nursing program in general? I read you received both your BSN and MSN from WGU. Do you think the transition was easier staying at WGU versus getting your MSN from a different college? Did you go on line or on campus? Are you already working as a nurse or have clinical experience? Was it difficult to get accepted into the program? Did you chose a specialty area with your MSN? Thank you for your time!
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    Thank you for doing this.

    I am also thinking of getting my BSN from there.....
    From what I understand, they don't give credits so if you were to transfer your degrees would most schools except it? Also, did you work full time while trying to achieve your BSN? Was it arduous? Did you feel your mentor really helped you out?
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    The pre-licensure program (for those who are not already RNs) is only available in a few places - Indiana, California and Texas if I am not mistaken. I have no experience with it as I have been an RN for 30+ years.
    WGU is a 100% online school - there is NO CAMPUS. I would advise you to call and speak with an enrollment counselor about the pre-licensure program. Since WGU is non-profit, you will NOT have someone trying to sell you something, or sign you up for something you cannot qualify for, unlike some/ many of the for-profit schools.
    The MSN program has two tracks, Education Specialist and Management and Leadership. I just completed the Education Specialist degree.
    Good luck1
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    BlackMurse (PS LOVE that!)

    WGU is a competency-based model. So they DO give credits (one competency unit = one credit) but sometimes you have to explain this to schools you wish to transfer to. They are very helpful in assisting you with this BTW.

    I loved the BSN program. Particularly this is it's best feature. You pay tuition by the term. (I think it is now $3250-ish) A term is six months long. You then have six months to complete - at your own pace -as many courses / CU as you can FOR NO EXTRA TUITION!!. I did 23 CU in my one term in the BSN program. The grad program prices are THE SAME and the vast majority of books are included as ebooks for no additional cost. Pretty sweet deal!

    The other great thing is that if you already are familiar with the subject, you can skip directly to the assessment, take it and if you pass be done with that course. I have a friend who completed and entire BS in business in ONE TERM. He had a background, and was collecting unemployment at the time, so he basically did schoolwork 40-50 hours per week and made it happen. For $3K. An accredited BS degree! Wow!
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    Thanks for offering yourself to answer questions. I have been reading some of the forums and I have a few questions about the RN to BSN program. I want to start in the fall.

    Is this a writing intensive program with alot of research?
    Is there a course I should take to prepare for the computer or papers in APA format, powerpoint etc.?
    Are there any exams where they have to be done at proctored sites for testing purposes?
    On average how many weeks do it take to finish one class?
    How many modules are there per class or does it vary?
    If I work fulltime 40 hours per week with family is this a good program?
    Can you test out of any of the Nursing Courses?
    And did you find the school resources helpful in completing your course work and were the mentors truly helpful?
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    Tell me about the video proctored exams, did you have to do any of those? I've read their super strict about things like your phone ringing, somebody walking into the room, etc.

    Did you find it super hard to finish the BSN in six months?

    Did you need Microsoft Office or would another free program work?

    How many non-nursing classes did you have to take at WGU for your BSN? I have all of them except the statistics class, and I'm trying to figure out if I should try to take it at a community college before I start WGU or would it be feasible to take statistics and the the nursing courses and be finished in 6 months.
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    Quote from marycarney
    I completed the final oral defense for my MSN through WGU this morning. I also have my BSN from WGU.

    Completed RN-to-BSN in one, six month term, and the MSN in 11 months and five days (not that I'm counting!)

    Two degrees for under $10K out of pocket, including books. (I received a total of $2K in scholarships)

    So----- I'm going to put myself out there and if you would like info about either program from a recent grad -hit me up!
    Congrats marycarney on your academic achievement
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    I finished my BSN at WGU in two and half months, will finish my MSN soon - working on my capstone now. Two terms from RN to MSN! Mary, what was your capstone subject? What was the oral defense like? How is it set up, how difficult do they make it?
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    Hi MaryCarny and lissm:

    Just started the MSN/education at WGU (did my BSN elsewhere). I am glad to hear that the MSN is doable in a year.

    1) How much weekly time did you put into the program.

    2) How many months/weeks did you actually spend on the capstone in total?

    3) When submitting answers on message boards, did the instructors ever respond with negative (or even positive) feedback? Or does it seem like you they seem to accept whatever you submit? I have noticed other people's submissions...and sometimes it seems that they are not fully answering the topic question, or I see errors in grammar. Just curious if you were ever asked to resubmit anything?

    4) Do either of you have any other educational goals after the MSN here?

    Thanks in advanced for your feedback

    PS: and congrats on your achievement, MaryCarny!!!
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    Thats awesome! Congrats to you!
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    Yes, this program is writing intensive - but they have an excellent online library and specific writing communities and mentors to assist you.
    The exams can be done remotely via a webcam that WGU provides you. You can elect to go to a testing site if you wish - but I really liked the webcam option.
    I completed 7 courses in 23 weeks for my BSN. Some I completted in just a week, others took a couple months. You can work on multiple courses simultaneously if you wish, or work on one at a time. It's up to you.
    I worked nearly full time (night shift) and was homeschooling my two teens at the same time. It is a great program in that it is 100% asynchromous.
    There is no 'testing out' - BUT if you know the material, you can take the exam or complete the papers required right away.
    YES - the mentors are the BEST part of the program.
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    I probably put 10-12 hours week into school work. I spent one entire term (6 months) on capstone.
    I've resubmitted a handful of tasks for revisions. Nothing major, and the feedback given with the rejections was helpful in editing.
    Other educational goals? Well, I'm wanting to get my last two kids through college debt-free!
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