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I completed the final oral defense for my MSN through WGU this morning. I also have my BSN from WGU. Completed RN-to-BSN in one, six month term, and the MSN in 11 months and five days (not that... Read More

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    Thats awesome! Congrats to you!

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    Yes, this program is writing intensive - but they have an excellent online library and specific writing communities and mentors to assist you.
    The exams can be done remotely via a webcam that WGU provides you. You can elect to go to a testing site if you wish - but I really liked the webcam option.
    I completed 7 courses in 23 weeks for my BSN. Some I completted in just a week, others took a couple months. You can work on multiple courses simultaneously if you wish, or work on one at a time. It's up to you.
    I worked nearly full time (night shift) and was homeschooling my two teens at the same time. It is a great program in that it is 100% asynchromous.
    There is no 'testing out' - BUT if you know the material, you can take the exam or complete the papers required right away.
    YES - the mentors are the BEST part of the program.
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    I probably put 10-12 hours week into school work. I spent one entire term (6 months) on capstone.
    I've resubmitted a handful of tasks for revisions. Nothing major, and the feedback given with the rejections was helpful in editing.
    Other educational goals? Well, I'm wanting to get my last two kids through college debt-free!
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    Hi All!
    I just wanted to congratulate the OP on finishing her MSN in education at WGU. I myself am almost finished with my BSN, just waiting for my test date for my microbiology exam. I am also doing the MSN in education, so look forward to PM'ing you with questions if needed.

    @ Bruce Wayne - If you already have a bachelor's degree in something else (I am just guessing because you said you have most of the non-nursing courses out of the way) don't rush right out and take statistics... I didn't have it, and they waived it due to my prior degree.
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    Thank you so much for answering all of my questions. It is great to hear it directly from a student that has experience in the program that I am interested in. Have a great weekend and enjoy your accomplishments. Congrats!!
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    I am done with my BSN at WGU and almost finish My MSN in education. It is a good program. I hope to finish by September.
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    Hello, I am looking into starting the bsn prelicensure program at wgu. They have a long list of pre-requisites that need to be completed. Has anyone experienced this? If so how long did it take to complete the pre-requisites? I am really nervous about this because it defeats the purpose of me going to an online school also pushes my graduation date back. it seems as if I will have to go a year and a half of taking prerequisites before I can even start the nursing program ( and that's if I get accepted! Did this happen to anyone else? If you could please share your experience?
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    I'm sorry but I really have no experience with the pre-licensure program. You are aware it is not nationwide, right? I think Indiana, Texas and California are the only states that have it. The thing about the prereqs is that you can power through them if you work hard. I know people who have completed 50+ CU in a single term - the pace is totally up to you.
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    Hello Marycarney, did you take biochem through WGU? Congrats on your achievement!
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    Thank you. No, I completed Biochem at Purdue many, many years ago. Squeaked through - BUT a co-worker is taking it through WGU right now. Ask away and I'll hit her up for an answer.
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