Almost done with my RN-BSN from WGU!!

  1. 0 I just submitted my last paper for WGU, and now all I have left in my practicum. SO excited! I would love to hear anyone's experience with the practicum. . . How did you get the required hours? Did you have your paper returned for revision?

    For some bizarre reason I decided to do mine on my home county, which is 1,000 miles away from where I currently live. I just have so many more clinical connections there, and I couldn't figure out any way to log 90 hours randomly doing stuff in my current town.

    I am visiting in a few weeks and planning on cramming 80% of my practicum hours in my 2 week visit!
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    I don't think you can do your practicum on anywhere but the area you are currently in as you have to put in clinical hours.
    You may want to doublecheck this with your mentor.
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    My girlfriend just finished her BSN with WGU in 120 days. She did her practicum on an adjacent county and spent alot of time outside grocery stores, fitness places, dr offices and fast food joints asking residents a series of short questions about exercise, fruits, veggies, if their doc talked to them about nutrition and exercise. That gave her about 30 - 40 hours by itself. She also went to the local weight watchers meetings and all the city and county festival meetings to see if they included nutrition infor or physical activities events. Then she printed out 50 flyers for MyPlate and nutrition and exercise tips and state health programs and posted them all over. She was racking up hours like crazy and ended up with about 130 hours in no time. I can't wait to be finished with EC so I can start my BSN too! Oh and phone time counts, so if you call and interview people on the phone alot that counts.
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    Quote from SweettartRN
    I don't think you can do your practicum on anywhere but the area you are currently in as you have to put in clinical hours.
    You may want to doublecheck this with your mentor.
    I still have a house down there, so it isn't a problem. I just went down for a week (got back yesterday!!), finished all my hours and turned in my paper. Yikes.
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    I did my practicum at the nursing homes and assisted living centers in Florida. In no time I had my 90 hours. I am got my paper back for revision and passed. I am doing my MSN in education and have just a few classes to complete. Good luck in your program.
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    How long did it take you to finish the RN-BSN?
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    So how did that go? It took me 4 months to get my hours and a week to get the paper done. Just finished with WGU. Practicum should have been simultaneous with other courses... 12 months to completion. Love WGU and would highly recommend. Practicum is done in home town or adjacent. Its a bunch of interviews and exhausting to do more than 6-8 in a day. I sure know my community better for having done this.

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