WVU RN-BSN program, how is it?

  1. 0 Hi All- I have sent my application to WVU for their RN-BSN program and I was wondering if anyone had any input about their program. I am fairly new to WV, prefer an on-line program, but there aren't many choices. I also inquired at JMU, but they won't grant me in-state tuition.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    I guess nobody has any feedback???
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    The WVU RN to BSN program has been around for quite a while. I've never heard anything negative. I believe it is entirely online. The WVU library, which I assume you will be able to access, has good databases.
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    I just graduated from the WVU traditional RN program and thought it was great. Of course not perfect but its a great school and a good school of nursing. I know a bunch of the students doing BS (in another field) to BSN and they seem to think its OK. Many of my instructors have been involved in graduate programs there.
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    I graduated from the RN-BSN online at WVU. Program is OK, but still had to go to the school for some tests and classes.
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    So... it's not totally online??
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    I know a girl who did this program (and asked lots of questions because I intend to follow the same path!) and she said it was all online, she finished it in 2 years, and studied less for it than she did for her ADN. I believe it to be fully online, because I don't live in Morgantown and my hometown offers this program thru the school there as well.

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