Where did you go to nursing school?

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    I went to WVU-P, graduated in 2003.

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    i went to south suburban college in illinois graduated in 1996 as lpn
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    I went to St. Mary's Nursing School; Huntington, WV
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    WV TECH, 1985. Before joined w University.
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    ADN Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (currently the number 1 ADN program n WV)

    BSN/MSN Wet Virginia University
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    I went to Butler County Community College (BC3) Butler, Pennsylvinia graduated in 1996. Took my test in South Carolina got my PA lisence first then got one here.

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    Alexian Brothers, Chicago Illinois, 1965 (all male school)

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    I graduated from St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing in Syracuse NY
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    Quote from NurseDixie
    I went to WVU-P, graduated in 2003.
    I am new to the Parkersburg area and am looking for nursing programs. What kind of program was the one you took at WVU-P. Is it a BSN or RN or LPN. Just curious! We moved from Michigan and I had just been accepted into a program there. Hoping it won't take to much more to get in here. Is the WVU-P one the only one in the area?


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    I graduated in 2003 from Penn State University.

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