Lowest Passage Rate in all 50 States for Nurses - page 3

Well it is official. The Charleston Gazette printed a big story on this fact in todays paper. WV has the lowest rate for passage of the NCLEX test of all 50 states. The Gazette stated that every school in the state but two had... Read More

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    This lack of quality in nursing education is also very evident in MSN programs too! No doubt! I was shocked when I started my MSN program at what I heard was a good school We make copies of the Power Point presentations before class and have readings to do, but in class, the instructor reads word-for-word the exact words on the PP. I am underlining the same thing I printed the night before. Very serious! No rationale, no real teaching, no reasoning, no lecture. not only that, it is the PP from past years! The dates are not changed on some. Laziness to me! However, the tests are all application to the clinical setting. Talk about disjointed! I gathered we are supposed to do the teaching part ourselves. Wondering what I paid for. Will get a good study guide to study for boards. Will need it too. Barinbass.

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