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Washington State License

  1. 0 I just got a letter in the mail saying that I have been awarded a license. I wanted to frame my license and take a picture with it to include in my ''thank you'' notes from graduation, but this does NOT look for ''license-cy''. Does anyone else have a Washington State license and does it look like this?
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    I'm not from Washington, but my license looked very similar.
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    That's what they look like, and now when you renew you don't even get anything in the mail. It's all online. You can print out a copy that states you are current, but it's not pretty.
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    Yup, my AZ license looks just like that too.
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    [font="comic sans ms"]i've got licenses from a bunch of states. ca sent me a plastic card, like a credit card. ma, paper wallet card. nh, a notification of where i could go online if i ever needed to prove i was licensed. pa, a nicer certificate, half page size. and teeny little ri gave me a huge big frame-able thing with gold and a seal and curlicues and engraving...and no wallet card at all. i forget what ny sent. ne, wallet card, paper.

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    That's the WA license.

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