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Hello has anyone heard of The college network. Please can i Have your Feedback.... Read More

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    Quote from jasorts
    [/YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]Has anyone heard of, or is/was in the program for either RN-BSN, or RN-MSN through The College Network? I'm thinking of doing this program. It seems reasonable and priced well. But does anyone have any insightful info for or against the program? Thanx ~ John
    I am currently working on finishing my prereqs with them Took A and P exam today very very hard but I passed

    I definately think its hard but it did only take me 6 weeks to study and complete A and P

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    Quote from wvnurse123
    To compalin too much,
    The reason I was ripped off has nothing to do with your top 5 reasons.You sound like a know it all, but let me be the one to inform you, I was lied to. I was told TCN was setting up a program through the company I work for to help with the tuition cost. That was not true. I would not have signed a contract if I thought I would be paying the $6000 on my own. I was not told they are just a publishing company. You can buy these same cheaply put together binders off of Ebay for next to nothing. Once they get you to sign with them, they never call you to see how your doing with your education. I am currently getting my BSN through a real college and I do not procrastinate.
    You expect them to call you and say what??? A regular college counslor doesnt call you just to see how you are doing but I can pick up the phone any time and ask for help clarification or anything else I may need the guy who signed me up is always a email away as well
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    Quote from tinkerbell1963
    You expect them to call you and say what??? A regular college counslor doesnt call you just to see how you are doing but I can pick up the phone any time and ask for help clarification or anything else I may need the guy who signed me up is always a email away as well
    I'm not a fan of TCN but this post is hilarious! Some people need WAAAY too much hand holding.
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    I made a mistake signing up for TCN and I know I did. I am paying for it monthly until I pay it off and its going to cost me a whole bunch more money to get my BSN.
    The mistake I made is thinking that I could learn the material without having a stuctured class with a deadline to meet and instructors. I always seem to find other things to do like work and family responsibilitys then to sit down and study the material on my own. I am now in a BSN program and I am progressing well. I know that I need stucture to learn and TCN does not provide it.
    My personal opinion is to stay away from TCN, learn from my mistake...
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    a reminder from the personal attacks allowed. debate the topic, but no personal attacks.
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    I almost signed up with TCN. I didn't. There is a major college that rents a building at the community college 4 mins. from me that uses the building for RN 2 BSN only purposes. And you get all the benefits of the CC (library, computers etc). I prefer that. I had no issues with TCN, just prefer going to the other school overall for a variety of reasons. I will add this though:

    Before I decided to meet TCN and while I was weighing my options, I talked to the educator assigned to our unit about online schools. She had no reservations about them, said it is actually going to become much more popular. She encouraged it for me, I have the personality to do it. After narrowing it down to the school I ended up picking and TCN, I went to her for.........something else (turning in critical care class test or something). I mentioned that TCN looked temping, I like the timeline their program offered.
    Her response was to just say "Oh, you didn't say TCN, thats different. Make sure the hospital will give you tuition assistance for that, cause they might not. And be careful about whether or not their credits will transfer if you plan on getting a Masters." She left it at that. I didn't press for more info. That helped decide things for me. It was the "Oh, you didn't say TCN, thats different" part that got me. The tone was.........very telling.
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    I met up with the women and it seems too good to be true....!! I changed my mind after reading these blogs and doing some research. I gave her $$ and she gave me a book. My advice is if you want to learn more about this NETWORK cause it isn't a school. Please don't except anything from the sales people. It has been heck just trying to return the book to her. Plus they cashed my check after I cancelled. Today I mailed all the materials back to them and they will send me a CHECK asap. I hope.
    All these problems and I changed my mind. Good luck with someone that has the time and money for this Big loan cause they do not defer payments... I feel like I dodged a bullet!!
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    If you didn't cancel within those first three days you won't be getting a check back even if you did send the books back. Did you notify them in writing when you cancelled? Do you have documentation of that?
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    well... i've been enrolled in their lvn to bsn program for about 2 years now only got distracted from it and am now diving back into it.. one topic that i think isn't not discussed clearly enough regarding this matter of lvn to rn or bsn is that it is really "state" dependent..

    i live in california and ca has some of the strictest guidelines for nursing education around.. although tcn does offer an lvn/lpn to rn program in small print you'll see that california isn't a state that it is available in.

    also regarding excelsior (not sure on the correct spelling , california hasn't for quite a few years now recognized any education or programs from them, actually they have removed them from offering their educational nursing programs here in california.

    if you were one of the lucky ones that were able to complete your excelsior program before california made the change your good but anyone not able to is not so lucky. .

    the only advice i'd give to any lvn or rn looking to further your education via distance learning is to make sure that the state where you live or plan to practice acknowledges the program/school your considering, also it's a must that your school of choice is nlnac accredited as well as accredited by your state of practice..

    good luck to you all and just know that it's a long road in furthering your education but like anything else, nothing great in life comes easy or free...
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    Do not sign up with this program if you arent sure you can do all of the learning on your own

    i found this program just wasnt working for me and when i tried to cancel and get a partial refund they refused and said no refunds allowed

    they essentially have stolen 7000 dollars from me at this point

    Quote from jartu
    hello has anyone heard of the college network. Please can i have your feedback.

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