Swedish Residency Sept 2013

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    This forum is for the new grad RN Residency Program starting in Sept 2013, at Swedish Medical Center, in Seattle, WA.

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    Hi Everyone! New posting is up for the Fall cohort! Talked to the recruiter today.. They are going through applications this week and will start doing phone screens next week. Good luck!
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    What is it listed as?
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    Its under "RN Residency", position #33106... But not sure if its up anymore. ??? They started doing phone interviews with the recruiter... I am scheduled for Fri.
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    I also have mine set up for next Tuesday! Any idea how long the phone interviews go for?
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    Sassy & Kittybomb, How were you notified of phone interview times? I attended the Meet and Greet, applied and still haven't gotten a call. Hoping they're still scheduling interviews. Also, out of curiosity- do you have BSN degrees?
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    They called me yesterday for a phone interview.
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    Those of you that got a call, could you share your background? MSN/BSN/ADN?
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    could you let us know how it went?
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    MBSeattle, Yes, the admin gal called me to set up an interview. Interview went well... Not hard... Just some HR questions and a few questions like, "why do you want to be a nurse, why do you want to do Peds," etc. The recruiter said they will be doing phone interviews until the end of the month, and then bringing people back for manager interviews the first couple weeks of June. Its my understanding that after phone interviews, the recruiter is going to forward people on to the managers & it will be up to them (the managers) to decide who gets an in-person interview.

    Grownupprosie, I have an MSN-- but I dont think that matters. At the meet-and-greet the manager I spoke with said she didnt care if someone had a BSN or an MSN-- what she was looking for was unit time in that specialty, ie preceptorship/internship. (I did over a year in my specialty-- 680 hours-- it was my home unit and I also did my final preceptorship there for my MSN clinical research project.) I seem to recall during the meet-and-greet them saying something about not being eligible to apply if you had an ADN-- You needed either a BSN or an MSN-- But I really dont think the MSN vs BSN matters-- it's unit time they want.

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