Seattle U APNI - 2010 Entry

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    I was just wondering if anyone out there applied for Seattle U's APNI program. I thought I'd start a thread because it doesn't look like there is one, yet.

    I think we're supposed to hear about interviews sometime soon. Has anyone gotten word, yet?

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    Hi Abbie,
    I am really considering applying to the APNI program at Seattle University. Would you happpen to know how competitive the program is?

    Hope u get ur interview soon!
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    I have no idea how competitive it is! I hope it's not terribly competitive because it's one of my top choices.

    Good luck!
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    I've applied to the APNI program and I have yet to hear anything about an interview. In general, I think all entry-level programs are quite competitive, with FNP and CNM tracks the most competitive. Good luck!
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    Hey guys,

    I applied to APNI too and I haven't heard anything yet, but Sabrina Brown (the admissions lady) said we shouldn't hear anything until February. Good luck to you both.
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    Hi everyone,

    I also applied to the APNI 2010 Entry....haven't heard anything yet but am glad to hear that Sabrina says we shouldn't hear anything until Feb.
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    Thanks for the info! I got an email from them last week that said they're doing interviews in early February so, you'd think that we'd have to get our interview invitations soon...
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    Hi everyone!

    I also applied to Seattle University and am really, really hoping I'll get an interview. I called about a week ago and was told mid-Feb is when we should hear about interviews. I feel like the wait is killing me! Good luck everyone!
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    What specialty are you looking into? I applied to the Mental Health with Addictions focus and have not a heard anything yet, I do know someone who got an interview for GNP yesterday, so I have been waiting but no word yet. How about everyone else?
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    I also applied for the mental health w/ addiction focus track. I'm glad to hear that someone else was invited for an interview. They must be on their way to sending out decisions then.

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