Recent ASN grad -- Perfect time to follow my dream and relocate across the country? - page 4

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Hello, everyone! Iíve been a long time reader of but this is my first time posting. Iím looking for advice/suggestions. Hereís my story: About three weeks ago I graduated from an ASN program in Indiana, and Iím... Read More

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    Just finished reading our thread..... I am currious what did you end up doing. I am kinda in the same situation but i am married and we MOVED here to Seattle and been here 2 months and LOVE IT. It is defanatley more expensive than Texas, recently i graduated and passed NCLEX. I am currently looking for a job in Seattle, I am on week 2 so hopefully somting mighy come up. I was tring to look for a group for local nurses in Seattle on FB but was not able to find a group so i created one if your intreated, cool if not thats cool too. So please let me know what happend.