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Hello, everyone! I've been a long time reader of but this is my first time posting. I'm looking for advice/suggestions. Here's my story: About three weeks ago I graduated from an... Read More

  1. by   nurseprnRN
    i put this question to a colleague in tx with hiring responsibility, and this was her response:

    in my system we will choose a bsn new grad over adn. we typically have way more applicants than we can hire at the new grad level, this is in dfw. we provide a yearlong residency in most areas.

    with an experienced nurse, all things being equal we will choose bsn but if the adn has better competencies we will go with them, though some of my system's hospitals will only hire in bsns no matter the experience. baylor is doing the same. i coach my non-bsn nurses to get their bsn so they have more options. they can stay in their current jobs but if they want to do something else in our system they may be blocked. there are several local schools with online classes supplemented with clinicals which make it easier. we also provide some tuition reimbursement.
  2. by   tokmom
    I work for an organization that hires a lot of ADN and a lot of new grads.

    I will echo what the others have to say about taking a trip out here and seeing what area you would want to live in and see if you can get a job. Our hospital will do over the phone interviews which is nice for those that live out of state.
  3. by   tokmom

    WSU is in Pullman. Pullman is 2 hrs south of Spokane. WWU (Western WA univ) is up north in Bellingham. Bellingham is sort of a quirky hippie town with a flavor all it's own. I can say that since it has been a second home for years.


    The Seattle area actually has less rain than many parts of the country. Yes..that is true. In fact, it might not rain for weeks. What we do have is almost perpetual overcast in the winter.
    We also in a great location for anything outdoorsy. You can live in Seattle and be an hour or two away from water and snow skiing.

    Clothing: It's Eddie Bauer and North Face for the most part. I haven't seen flannel in ages! Downtown Seattle is a variation of clothing. It's a college town and it's urban. Anything goes.
  4. by   GucciBeaR143
    Good luck to you!
  5. by   MrLVNtoRN
    Just finished reading our thread..... I am currious what did you end up doing. I am kinda in the same situation but i am married and we MOVED here to Seattle and been here 2 months and LOVE IT. It is defanatley more expensive than Texas, recently i graduated and passed NCLEX. I am currently looking for a job in Seattle, I am on week 2 so hopefully somting mighy come up. I was tring to look for a group for local nurses in Seattle on FB but was not able to find a group so i created one if your intreated, cool if not thats cool too. So please let me know what happend.