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Maybe someone can shed some light on this, but i cant seem to understand clearly if i have to join a union or not. Ok, so I will be moving from Texas to Seattle in Aug, and when i license and start looking for a job will i have... Read More

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    The only problem I have with SEIU is trying to get ahold of a rep when you need one. CCLRN, have you had that problem? I even know the VP because she represented us for a year while we negotiated a contract that almost turned into a strike. Even she never returns texts, phone calls etc..

    We have a new superviser that came from another hospital that was on their neg. team. They were WSNA and she is pushing for 'power with numbers' routine. I'm not sure I'm buying that. Having been WSNA at a prev hospital, we honestly lost money because we took a pay cut!! I wasn't impressed...at all.

    I'm interested in what the NNU would have to say. I wonder why they haven't tried to get their foot in the door in WA?
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    Probably because they have never been invited. They have spent alot of time unionizing in very anti union places like Texas, Florida, etc. Washington State does have a union presecence, albiet, not a very good one. It would be very good to get them here. Neither WSNA, or SEIU, have accomplished much, and the past few contracts have been, take away, after take away, after take away. While the hospitals are still making money. That is evidenced by the new contstruction, buying up of physician practices, etc. They do not put their money into the individuals who are making the money.

    The nurses do not understand what a good union can do for you. They believe that if they have a union, they are OK. Not realizing that when the union is in bed with management, it is almost worse to have, than not having a union at all.

    Eastern Washington in right next to, "right to work for less", Idaho, and that mentality spills over to us here. Also, Eastern Washington, has, since the beginning of time, been a lower educated, blue collar trailer trash area. If you know that I mean.

    We need the NNOC more than Seattle/Tacoma does.

    If you are interested, PM me and lets try to get the ball rolling.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN ,BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    Quote from tokmom
    The only problem I have with SEIU is trying to get ahold of a rep when you need one. CCLRN, have you had that problem?
    God no! I've got multiple ways to contact them and they have always been quick to return calls, or visit our facility!
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    That's interesting. Our facility has issues with communication. In fact at our next contact negotiations we will tell them we are thinking of change because of this.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I am in Seattle now and i guess I'll go with who ever hires me. By chance anyone know what the ave hourly wage is for new grads??
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    In NE Ohio new grads make $24-26 hr in the hospital setting
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