How many Nurses had their CNAs before Nursing School?

  1. I am asking these questions to help a friend out, to prove a point.

    Did you have your CNA before going into Nursing School?

    Is having a CNA required by law to go into Nursing School?

    Does the University of Washington School of Nursing Require you to have a CNA for entry?

    Can you transfer to the University of Washington School of Nursing with just an Associates in Pre Nursing?

    Thank you and I heavily appreciate all responses. Just my girlfriend is working on getting into the ACT program at her Job Corps Center, and everyone she talks to seems to be brainwashed you need your CNA to transfer.

    She wont listen to me, so I would like to have some Registered Nurses chime in.

    Thank you very much!
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  4. by   LadyFree28
    I'll bite:

    I worked as a hospital trained CNA prior to going to nursing school...In my area, prior experience as a CNA is NOT required. I have never heard of being a CNA prior to going to nursing school as a requirement...however, some schools do support their students obtaining a CNA job after the first semester...most first semester work, if the program has a fundamentals class, can sit for the CNA exam in most states...Hope more people can post to get your answers!
  5. by   GarrettLeonard
    Thank you so much! I appreciate all comments and feedback.
  6. by   Blindsided
    Yep, I was a nursing assistant and a QMA prior to becoming a nurse. I have never forgotten how hard that job is, and how much a hard working, trustworthy CNA can mean to a nurse. Thanks to all of you.
  7. by   GarrettLeonard
    Quote from Blindsided
    Yep, I was a nursing assistant and a QMA prior to becoming a nurse. I have never forgotten how hard that job is, and how much a hard working, trustworthy CNA can mean to a nurse. Thanks to all of you.
    I appreciate the feedback, I did Nursing Assistant at Columbia Basin Job Corps back in 2009-2010, I know it's not an easy job. When you went forward to get your RN, was it required for you to have your CNA?
  8. by   mysonsmama
    I'm currently in an RN ADN program. It requires maintenance of CNA cert. throughout the program.
  9. by   WoundedBird
    Our CNA certificate is not require for admission, however, it must be completed before the first day of the program (entry level MS). You can either take it from a state approved provider or the school offered one (with ALL of the undergrads) during Maymester. I went ahead and got mine while waiting for my decision and I'm glad I did because I can enjoy my time off a little more knowing it's already done.
  10. by   thewell
    Im looking into nursing programs in my area as of now. I live in NC. Johnston Community College, Wilson Community College, and Edgecome Community College all require CNA as a prerequisite. Wayne Community College does not. Alas, my high school chemistry is about 6 months too old to attend Wayne. I just passed the 10 year mark on that.
  11. by   Glycerine82
    I have heard of many schools that require you to have your CNA first. It gives a lot of insight about what it's really like and I think it's a great idea. IMHO all nurses should be CNAs first.

    "No day but today"
  12. by   Glycerine82
    I did find this on their admissions page for the BSN program

    Applicants are expected to have 100 hours of health care experience in a paid or volunteer position in one setting for three months or more, completed within 12 months preceding submission of the application. The majority of applicants present health care experiences of several hundred hours for nine months or more

    Not quite "you must have your CNA" but, having a CNA would certainly fill that requirement.

    "No day but today"
  13. by   TheCommuter
    I've never been a CNA. I was an LPN/LVN for 4 years prior to earning my RN license.

    I have never heard of any law mandating that CNA certification must come before the RN licensure. Some nursing schools require the CNA certification before they'll admit you, but no such law exists.
  14. by   CherryAmes_RN
    Wasn't an actual CNA, but was an aide or 5yrs before becoming an RN.

    Not require by any law that I have ever heard of, some schools do require it as a prerequisite.

    Don't know a think about the University of Washington.

    I personally feel that every RN (or LPN) should work as an aide prior to becoming a nurse. It helps develop bedside manner, feeling comfortable with patients who are feeling- uncomfortable, gets you over the yucky stuff (the poop, pee, blood, wounds, snot, dying people, dead people, etc), builds "customer service" skills, familiarizes with medical equipment/devices, gives some insight on the day to day things that are important in caring for patients with certain disease processes, gets you used to the culture of healthcare, teaches you to be a team member... Nursing assistants recognize & are forever grateful for the nurse that will toilet or help someone with the bedpan, change someone/help them change someone, help reposition someone, empty that foley or colostomy, set up that dinner tray, if time provides- feed someone... The patients & families see it & appreciate it too.

    Rant over. One more thing though...depending on which area she ends up working, there might not be an aide to do these things. Many ICU's are primary care, meaning the nurse does everything.

    Good luck to your girlfriend!
  15. by   NurseCard
    I was never an actual state certified CNA, but I did work as a nurse's aide in
    a hospital for four years prior to obtaining my RN. I'm pretty sure that my
    program did NOT require previous work as a CNA, volunteer, etc, prior to
    admission, however that was over eleven years ago.

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