How many Nurses had their CNAs before Nursing School?

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  1. Did you have your CNA before going into Nursing School?

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Thank you. Holy crap there is STEAM coming out of my ears!! Some people have nooooo business in bedside nursing IMO."No day but today"

No worries working at bedside with this one. He will advance to bean counter status and make rules and regulations about a profession he thinks he knows about, because any work below that would be demeaning. I did see some posts about wanting to be an FNP, through an online course. No way would I want this person taking care of any family member with the attitude I see here.You on the other hand, can be my Cna anytime! I wish more had your attitude.We would make a great team.

freki, ADN, RN

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I went to school in Idaho. One school required a CNA for entry, but the others did not. I obtained my CNA in high school (senior year) and I think working as a CNA prepared me for nursing more than any other thing. The most important thing I learned as a CNA was how to interact with patients and co-workers. They may teach that in nursing school, but I think think it takes most nurses a while to learn the skill, and some never seem to.

Besides, more clinical exposure isn't going to hurt :)


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Does the University of Washington School of Nursing Require you to have a CNA for entry?Can you transfer to the University of Washington School of Nursing with just an Associates in Pre Nursing?Thank you and I heavily appreciate all responses. Just my girlfriend is working on getting into the ACT program at her Job Corps Center, and everyone she talks to seems to be brainwashed you need your CNA to transfer.!
Chiming in late here. I have not read all of the responses but I think I can answer these questions here. No, you do not NEED to have your CNA to apply and gain acceptance to UW. However, you do need health care experience and the UW requires applicants to have experience working directly with RNs. The easiest way to get to that point is working as a CNA. If your friend is serious about applying to UW, she should get working in health care or at least volunteering ASAP. UW is super competitive and many applicants are applying for the second or third time. They've had time to work in health care and gain the experience UW wants to see. They want to see you understand what nurses do and that you feel you can handle it. UW has one of their info sessions online and I highly suggest your friend watches it. Good luck to her!!


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^ My point was that by requiring someone to be a CNA during nursing school it would take time away from doing more academic and scholarly things, such as research. I think more emphasis should be placed on turning out more intelligent nurses vs more hard working nurses.
Wow. Nursing is about more than intellect. Any nurse who feels above taking care of a patient's basic needs is one I hope I don't have to work with. Doing the "dirty work" is unpleasant for sure, but we are all human and being able to take care of patients when it is uncomfortable for us allows for personal growth more impact full than taking a class or doing research IMHO. Being aCNA has allowed me to see what nurses do in a way no other entry-level position would. We all gotta start somewhere and there's no shame in providing care that assists patients with basic needs.

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