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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when we will hear back regarding... Read More

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    I have a feeling it will be emails first then letters but I could be wrong.
    Two weeks... we can hold out that long... right?

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    also, we can schedule our own E-Write, they don't need to schedule it for us. BCC has it as an ongoing assesment on campus. I just don't want to take it unless I made it in I guess.
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    I reread last years thread and I think it will be letters first.
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    yeah, i think it will be letters too. They have made a ton of changes to the application for the next application period! I looked at it recently and for the next one they want you to take the E-Write before even applying. I think that will make their decision process a bit quicker in the future.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure why they didn't have us take it before turning in the application. That would have made more sense.
    I doubt anyone does bad, but it would hurt to be accepted then turned away because you did poorly on the test.
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    They probably didn't do it first this year so that people who don't get in don't have to take an extra test (more money) that other schools don't require. Plus then they only have to look at 50 or 60 instead of 215. However, I wish I had already taken it so it would be one less thing to worry about!
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    jammin I like your reasoning Although I don't think they care about how much money we have spent just to apply. I dropped so much money on getting titers, TEAS tests, TEAS study guides, back ground check.....yetta yetta yetta........I really would have rather them save the injections/titers for the people who get in and I would rather pay $15 to take the
    E-Write right off the bet. But oh well, it is what it is I guess...
    I am thinking that they would have the 72 people who are in take the test (36 fall 36 winter) and I am thinking that people on the waiting list have to take it as well. I am guessing the waiting list is 30 people or so.......just speculation....I am bored :zzzzz
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    How many people got into the program last year?
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    Yeah, I totally agree with downton. I would be so angry if I get disqualified because I didn't do well on the e-write but had all of the qualifications (Teas score, GPA, etc.) to get into the program. I think the only reason why we have to take the e-write after the deadline was because they decided to add this criteria late into the application process and having to tell all of the prospective applicants to have to take this too (at the last second) would have probably caused a riot :/
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    downton........BC takes 36 people into fall and 36 into winter quarter. So all together 72 people get in. I'm not sure how many people get on the wait list? But from reading the thread from last year, it appears that they took at least 16 people into the program from the wait list eventually.

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