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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when... Read More

  1. by   downton
    It was alright. The actual school is a little shabby looking, and the practice materials weren't the best, but I passed the test on my first try. It was a lot cheaper than most other schools, and the schedule rocked. Forgot the name of the nursing home, but I'll post once I find the name.
  2. by   hereshoping
    Thanks for the info. I guess there are negatives to almost any school but it's only 5 weekends, 2 of which will be at the clinical site. I suppose I can manage that!
  3. by   margritamix
    Congrats Cyndy! You're now official
  4. by   margritamix

    I already have my CNA license (I went to CNA school through North Seattle) but like you, my credential number will also be expired before winter quarter even starts (it expires on my birthdayn on September). I am now also wondering if that means we need to get recertified again in order to be considered "legit" for the ADN program?
  5. by   margritamix
    Also, just out of curiousity, are any of you guys planning to work as CNAs before starting school? If so, where and when will you start working there?
  6. by   hereshoping
    Okay, so regarding your credential numbers.....

    I actually had done my CNA many years ago. I let my cert/registration lapse when I moved (I originally did the class in Iowa). I was told that all I needed was proof that I took the class, to be able to attend nursing at Bellevue (though there are a lot of schools in the area that require you to be current). I am choosing to retake the class, as they said being current will help you if you want to get a nurse tech job before you graduate. Of course, PLEASE check with Chie or someone in the program, as it seems the requirements keep changing, but that's what I was told. :spin:
  7. by   downton
    Margritamix, mine expires in December, RIGHT before start of winter. Annoying! I'm planning on going to campus Friday to take the E-Write though, and I'll try to talk to Chie or anyone else in the office. I didn't even think of it until today, when I found my certification card. Not sure if I'll look for a CNA job right off the bat, though. Might end up doing some full-time retail, as it's been easier to find work and get interviews. I'd like to save some cash now, as I'll probably opt to go part-time during school to keep my grades up.
  8. by   BeeDub
    I need to get CNA cert. as well. I was looking at Divine in Seattle. There are a couple places in Bellevue, but the reviews I saw were not good. I will probably end up going to Divine. I don't think I'll work as a CNA before school starts. I have a really good retail job that is flexible and pays me well so I think I'll stay and save up money.
  9. by   hereshoping
    BeeDub, I inquired about some things with one of the schools in Bellevue, particularly because they had a weekend program, and they NEVER got back to me. Went into their location one day and the guy there was rude and condescending. I chose not to deal with it, so am going to deal with the drive and head down to one in Des Moines instead. Hope you have better luck!
  10. by   BeeDub
    Hereshoping, yeah the reviews were saying how the instructors were very rude. I'm definitely not going to deal with that! There was one other place in Bellevue, but the website is very shoddy. If a company has a bad website then it's hard for me to trust them, plus there were no online reviews about them. So I'll probably go to Divine in Northgate. It seems like people liked their time there.
  11. by   hereshoping
    Beedub, are you going to do the weekend program? I'm flip flopping - much closer for me to go to Divine, but already signed up for one in Des Moines. The hours for Divine are more attractive too. I put in an inquiry - they say they have spaces for the weekend one starting in May.
  12. by   downton
    I'd go to Divine near Northgate. The instructor I had was older (and pretty forgetful), but you could tell she'd been doing this a long time. She loved her job and answered our questions. The receptionist might be difficult to get a hold of, because she was rarely there. But everyone I encountered was nice.
  13. by   CyndyRD
    Someone here mentioned Divine a while ago. I called them and they were really nice. I am starting the weekend program in Northgate on May 5th. I live in Bellevue and looked into a few in Bellevue. They got awful reviews and 2 never answered emails I sent them. Maybe some of us will be in class together.