Washington Hospital Center New Grad February 2014

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    Has anyone applied for the February 2014 residency program and heard back yet? I applied on 11/13, hoping to hear back soon. Would love to get into their ER. I completed my senior practicum in the ER and loved it!

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    Hi, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck real quick! I am in the latest class (October 2013), working in the ED as a new grad.
    Hope you hear back soon. Let me know if you have any questions about orientation.
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    Coffee lady, I did and I know 4 others who did. We all got an email asking for more details like where I did my senior practuicum, what was my GPA and what are my top 2 apecialty areas that I would like to work in. They said if further chosen to proceed with the process I would e contacted with and interview date. That was early this week so I am hoping I hear back soon. I also did my senior practicum in the ED.

    You might want to try and give them a call....Competition is stiff and they like initiative.
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    Hello Coffee Lady! I too applied as well as did a former classmate of mine. We both received emails asking about our GPA and what area we were interested in working on. That was last Wednesday. Hoping hear back from them within the next week or so.
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    Myself and a classmate of mine also received the same email from a nurse recruiter last Monday. I wonder if they send it to all applicants, or just those they are interested in? Either way, I am really hoping to hear back about an opportunity to interview. Best of luck to all!
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    I have three other friends who received that email and got an opportunity to interview and got the job. Two of them started in October's program and the other one will be starting in February. I think they are getting all the candidate information and then they will send out interview info… Im hoping thats how it goes! But best of luck to all of you!!!
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    Has anyone heard back about interview information?? I called HR today and they told me that interviews have started being conducted for the february program.
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    I received an email yesterday inviting me to an interview event this Friday from 10am-4pm! It said they would like you to be available during those times, but I have my last exam that morning (grrrr lol). Anyways they were still able to set me up for a time in the afternoon! I'm so excited but so nervous!!!! The recruiter said in the email that I would be interviewing with HR and the nurse unit director, though the unit was not specified so I'm not sure what unit I'll be interviewing for. I really hope it's one of my preferred choices, but I would be really excited to work at WHC no matter what!
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    Congrats Coffee Lady!!! Good Luck!
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    Thank you! I will let you all know how it goes. Keep your hopes up, I have a friend who hasn't been contacted for an interview yet but received the email asking for her gpa, specialty interests, etc. Another classmate received an invitation to interview Friday, but the recruiter offered to include her in a different interview date in the next few weeks that works better for her schedule. So keep stalking your email! It seems like they are just getting started on the interviews.

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