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  1. 0 Hi, Does anyone know when to apply for the next RN residency program at Washington Hospital Center? I heard that there will be one in April, anyone has idea? Thank you in advance for any information!
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    I believe they offer the residencies frequently (judging from searching the forums for the hospital). I recently scheduled an interview for the program (I applied about a month ago). It is possible they are currently interviewing for April residencies.
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    that's great to hear, thank you PolaBar. I hope it is not too late to apply, I still see the post in their hospital website.
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    Hello, I just noticed they have put it up on the website today. The next residency starts april 23rd. You can go ahead and apply. I work there. It is a wonderful place to learn so much. Good luck.
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    Has anyone already interviewed for the April 23rd start date? I just applied on 3/27 and the recruiter I talked to yesterday said I would still get an interview. I'm just wondering how far behind in the process I am. Would be a quick cross-country move for me, but this is exactly the opportunity I've been looking for so it will be worth it if it works out!
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    After the interview, I signed paperwork with HR and had a physical (need vaccination records and a recent PPD, they want 2-step, the 2nd one I can do during orientation which starts on the 23rd). There are a lot of openings (I don't know how many exactly, nor how many have been filled). I'm excited about starting, but it wasn't a cross country move for me.
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    Congrats and good luck!
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    michigandeRN, have they contacted you for interview yet? Good luck to us !
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    I got hired to start to tomorrow April 23.. I think the april residency is filled up. they are now interviewing for july 2012
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    @ PolaBar or others who have gotten an interview and hired,
    How long did it take? I applied a month ago but was wanting to do the July start because I just graduated and passed my NCLEX. I tried to call but they said they do not do status updates. Is it just a waiting game?

    thank you
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    I did the residency almost 2 years ago..and was working at WHC until this past December, and they run residencies pretty frequently..like every couple months!
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    I heard back relatively quickly (I forget how long, but only a few weeks before a call back), but that could just be luck of application timing and stuff. After the interview, I heard back in a few days.
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    Has anyone applied for the RN residency program at Washington Hospital center and have they heard back. I think the program starts in October. I have been actively looking for a job since June and all the hospitals have turned me down. I am starting to wonder if they is someone out there who will give me a chance

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