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Hello everyone I wanted to start a separate thread for people interviewing for the February 2011 Residency, I just got the e-mail a couple of minutes ago saying that I will be interviewing in December 16, I graduated in May and... Read More

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    Quote from shortstuff52
    I have a physical and paperwork day coming up and I was wondering...is this when I will be getting all my work related information.. like pay, benefits, schedule, parking, picture for ID, etc?

    Also I am in the process of obtaining my DC license... I plan I getting all my paperwork done Tuesday... Do you think this will give me enough time before the actual orientation? (DC now requires background checks.. which takes a while)... I hope I have all the required documents as well....


    I had my physical last monday. You basically get your health screening/physical done (ppd, blood draw, etc) Complete all new hire paperwork including direct deposit, parking, new badge. I had to get the background/fingerprint done and it only took a week for everything to come back.

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    I just accepted a position in the February Residency program and am having to move from another state. Are you still looking for a roommate?
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    hello all! i have my interview tomorrow am and i am really nervous! do you think they are still taking a lot of people this close to the program start date? I know they have another bunch interviewing the first week of Feb... how many ppl get interviewed per day? If anyone can calm my nerves i would really appreciate it!!! congrats to everyone who has gotten an offer!!!
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    I have an interview for the Feb. 2011 Cohort next Wed, Feb 2. I am shocked that they are interviewing this late but I am also excited b/c out of the 50+ jobs I have applied for this is my first positive reply! My concerns are that I am supposed to sit for the NCLEX on Sat Feb 12 in Maryland. How is it possible to have my DC license by the 22nd if I am offered the position? If anyone has some insight I would really appreciate it. I would hate to not get the job (the only prospect on the horizon thus far) due to paperwork. But really, if we aren't doing patient care in the first few weeks anyway, are they at all lenient if it takes a little extra time to get our ducks in a row (knowing that we have passed the NCLEX)? Thanks!
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    WHC was one of the three hospitals that I applied and received offers. I accepted an offer from Sibley Memorial Hosp as an L&D nurse so that will free up one spot for somebody.
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    Hello fellow new grads! I am graduating in May, so I am not eligible to apply for the February 2011 program. I am thinking of applying for the July program, but my husband is not sold on the idea of moving to DC.

    Since many of you are moving to DC from another area of the country, did you look in your area before applying to WHC? Or was this one of your first choices? I would love to move to a new area and get my nursing experience at WHC, but I'm not sure if I should explore my options in Boston first. From what I've read in this forum, it seems like many who get interviews get a job offer...

    Anyway, congrats to all who got job offers and good luck to those who are still applying!
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    Hello guys!!! Question! Is anyone looking for a roomate? Or could anyone give me any tips on finding affordable housing? Any recommendations? Thank you!!
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    Is this residency program the same as the "Ryan Residency" that is referred to on one of their job postings?
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    Quote from ferretrodeo
    WHC was one of the three hospitals that I applied and received offers. I accepted an offer from Sibley Memorial Hosp as an L&D nurse so that will free up one spot for somebody.
    I'm so jelaous of you ... I also applied to Sibley when I saw that they had openings in L&D but didn't hear anything back! Congrats and good luck!
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    I had a really hard time choosing between WHC and Sibley. I made all sorts of lists with pros and cons and asked anyone else, who would listen, for their opinion.

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