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    I have a question. I am a RN in Washington DC and i am struggle to get a job because i graduated from nursing school in out of USA. So i have a language problem. Can i work at the hospital in Washington DC as a CNA without CNA certificate? it can be done in Maryland... Thanks...
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    i know how difficult it must be for you. I see people being given a hard time because of their accents, their english and it makes me sad .
    are you an RN back in your country of origin or an RN here in the US?
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    i know this is an old thread but i would like to ask a question regarding working as a cna at washington dc. i am a graduate of a 4 year BSN degree in the philippines, and i was hoping to work as a cna while studying and taking the nclex there. what is the process of being a cna at washigton dc?
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    I am an american citizen graduate BSN from the Philippines and I will be going to Washington dc next month. I would like to start working as a CNA, and I was wondering what will be the requirement, application or training to take to become a CNA?.

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