parking & children's hospital??!!!

  1. hey all! i'm a peds nurse moving to dc from central virginia, just wondering about the parking situation with children's hospital.. has anybody worked there?

    i hear there is a shuttle bus from an off-site lot. is it safe? where is the lot? can you park on site nights & weekends?

    thanks a bunch for any help! i'm excited about dc! :spin:
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  3. by   RNNPICU
    There is a parking garage at CHildrens, I believe it is about $52/month - but I would call to verifiy, I metro to work. ALso, if you are working as an RN you will not have to park in the satelitte lots, that is because the shifts are 7a-730p and 700pm to 730am. If by chance you are in the satellite lots there are shuttle busses. Please let me know if you have other questions. I have not heard of any safety issues regarding the parking lot and I have been there for 6 years.
  4. by   cannew304
    hey! thanks for the reply!! i really appreciate it!! it's always funny the little things that you worry about when you're looking at jobs...

    so.. if you're an RN you can generally park in lots near the hospital for a few $$ a month, working the 12 hour shifts, regardless of seniority/length of time worked, you think? and nights and weekends @ the hospital for all, or just those who've paid the ~$52. do you know where the satellite lots are? or, when you metro to work, is the station within walking distance to children's or do you get a shuttle from there too?

    thanks so much! yay!
  5. by   RNNPICU
    I do believe that if you are an RN you can park in the lot on site (at the hospital). I do n ot hink it makes a difference days or nights, weekends or not. If you metro to work, there is a shuttle bus from the Brookland Metro station it starts runnung around 6:00 ish am and runs the last run at 9pm. The other option is to just pay the max rate for the shift you work in the lot on site, I cna't remember off hand how much a daily rate is.
  6. by   cannew304
    thanks so much!!!!

    the hospital website seems to say $7/day max charge for parking at the hospital lot (for future reference!). just didn't know if staff were allowed in there or not, the hospital i'm at now HEAVILY frowns on staff parking in patient lots, even though they have an hourly rate. anyway, thanks a bunch!
  7. by   ashnem
    My daughter was inpatient at CNMC for nearly 7 months and I go back a LOT for hem/onc clinic and scans with her. They make it very clear, with lots of signage that staff are only to park in the staff part of the garage. I hear you get in big trouble if you are caught. The patient parking is a mess. Even when we show up by nine the lot is full or nearly full and we often have to use the valet parking (so that they can double and triple park people). A new east patient tower opened in Nov and the parking shortage has only worsened. I don't know what the staff lot is like but it HAS to be better! I let you know when I finish school! Good Luck.
  8. by   cannew304
    I figured it was something like that.. I'm handling the off-site parking and not risking anything/taking up spots for patients. But wow, that patient lot is absolutely insane!!! I've never seen anything else like it! Thanks for the info!
  9. by   ashnem
    I think that the off-site parking is more for those that work a "normal" 8 hour work day like child life, admin and social workers and not for the nurses and such that work 12 hour shifts. The off-site lots, although they are free, do not have shuttle bus transportation during the hours that 12-hour shift folks would need (7am/7pm). This is what I remember from talking to a child life specialist awhile ago. Things may have changed with the increasing parking difficulties. Good luck!