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Harrison Medical Center Residency 2012

  1. 0 I wanted to start a thread for those in the application process for the Harrison Medical Center Residency program that begins in September 2012. I was called today and have an interview scheduled on July 19th! If there is anyone else out there going through the process, I thought it would be nice to be in touch with questions or experiences throughout the application/interview period. Good luck to all.
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    Which state?
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    Bremerton, Washington
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    Madwife, I noticed the thread was placed into "Washington DC State," to clarify it is Washington State.
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    Congrats! Which unit?
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    I have an interview next week too. Finadul are you from Bremerton?
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    @ Findadul- Are you from WA? Did you do any internship or volunteering at Harrison? I applied and have yet to hear back, getting pretty bummed.
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    When I scheduled the interview, it wasn't specified which unit manager I would be interviewing with. However, I did state on my cover letter that my interest lies in critical care, specifically ICU. I am not from Washington - I currently reside in Chicago and am hoping to relocate. When I spoke to the recruiter, it sounded as though interviews were only being conducted on July 19th and we would be notified on the 20th if extended an offer. What positions did all of you apply to/are interviewing for?
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    I am a new grad from CA, recently relocated to WA. I stated interest in med/surg, and L&D. Good Luck on the interview!
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    I am a Bremerton local. I have an interview early next week in the ED. I was in an ICU residency on the East Coast but moved back home because of family issues. Best of luck to everyone! Heard we have to write an essay or something the day of the interview :P
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    @safalli, sorry to hear you didn't get an interview. Best of luck on your search.

    I'm scheduled for a video interview since I live out of state, however I was in Oregon for a short time and went up to Bremerton to introduce myself and tour the hospital. Everyone working was enthusiastic and happy to meet me. One of their current Versant residents couldn't speak more highly of the hospital system and support Versant offers. Julie, their resident and training coordinator, gave me a tour and talked about what their hospital has to offer. It couldn't seem to be a better place to work. For those of you who are interested, she told me they're interviewing approximately 50 people for approximately 20 positions.
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    @narakira, how did your interview go?
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    I think it went well. It is always hard to tell what the outcome will be. What time is your interview today? Best of luck!!! The whole process was about two hours. Let me know how it goes