1. Hello! I am from Arizona and I am looking into George Washington U. Does anyone have any information? Have you heard anything? Bad? Good? Thanks very much!
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  3. by   malenurz
    there's a fair amount of information about benefits on their website - there's a downloadable pdf with info on them.
  4. by   BSN_BOUND
    Malenurz--I'm sorry, I should have clarified. I am looking into the Nursing Program at GWU. I'm not yet a nurse. I live in AZ right now, but my entire family lives in the DC area. I was just wondering if any locals have heard anything on this school/program. Thanks again!
  5. by   1john4:10
    Are you interested in getting a BSN or an advanced degree? To my knowledge GWU only has a masters program for RNs, no undergrad program. I live in the DC area, and I know Georgetown U is very good and Catholic U is good. I went to University of MD- overall it is a good school. Montgomery College's nursing program has a good reputation, but you only get an associate's degree. Hope that's helpful!
  6. by   enlightened_gemini
    GWU is now offering a 15-month Accelerated BSN program starting this fall. I'm not sure if it's nationally accredited though. This link gives more details about the new program:, but not a lot of information such as prereqs., deadlines, application. I couldn't find much on the website, called and left a message with the representative who handles the new program, but haven't heard back. For some reason, I thought I had come across it before, but maybe not. Any who, has anyone applied to this program or is thinking of going either this yr or 2010.
  7. by   RNcorazon
    Does GWU have a transition from RN to BSN? i only found the BSN program, but it looks like it is for people who already have a bsn in st else, right? my cousin is going to start in that program. i am already an RN, do you guys know if GWU have a program for RNs? thank you
  8. by   monpetitpede

    Yes, GWU does have a new 15-month Accelerated bachelor's degree program. I will be in the first class. It is nationally accredited.

    They do not have an RN-BSN or RN-MSN option currently. If you're interested in public universities, George Mason University has an RN-BSN and is 30 minutes outside of DC in Centreville, VA. University of Maryland also has an RN-BSN program, but I'm not sure if it's at their College Park campus (NE of DC) or their Silver Springs campus (NW of DC). Washington DC has Howard University (historically black) and CUA (catholic) which are both private and I believe both offer an RN-MSN program.

    Some schools are offering online RN-BSN programs. Check with your Arizona colleges if that's something that interests you. People have mixed feelings about distance learning, especially in nursing, but if that's something that appeals to you...
  9. by   RNcorazon
    thanks for your response!!!:heartbeat
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  10. by   RNcorazon
    thanks for your response...i am going to washington DC by the end of the next month to check out the area and the schools as well.
    I looked into programs online, even though my director advise me take classes on campus...i am open to both, but i was looking for a hospital that offer those benefits of paying most of the tuition of the university. My hospital, right now, only give you 1000$$/year for further education. i don't mind signing a contract for my BSN.

    I work right now at IMCU, step down icu. its ok, but I am always looking for something better...we have a patient ratio of 7:1. how is the work situation for nurses in washington? how many patients a nurse can get in a telemetry floor? or depends on the hospital? thanks for your response...
  11. by   monpetitpede
    GWU Hospital has tuition reimbursement for nurses 6 months after they start working. You either get $3000 a year to attend an institution of your choice or 90% of tuition at GW. This is the link to their benefits:

    Other big hospitals in the area also offer tuition repayment. The two I know of are in Virginia -- INOVA ( and VHC ( I don't know about Maryland. It may as well be another country to me (when you live in the virginia DC metro area, you don't have any cause to go to MD).

    As for patient loads and the such, I'm not sure. I think there are a couple threads on that though if you do a search for the hospital name.
  12. by   RNcorazon
    that sounds great!! but again GW does not have RN to BSN or RN to MSN program, right? i called them, and they only offer the accelerated program. 90% of tuition paid sounds really good!
  13. by   MedicVeronica
    Check out Washington Hospital Center's program with Georgetown's 2nd Degree Program: and

    I went to Georgetown's 2nd degree program and now work at the WHC's ED. Of course, I graduated the semester before they started this program! Best of luck!
  14. by   mwk7m
    Georgetown also has a scholarship opportunity with Washington Hospital Center - 80% tuition is covered if you work for WHC after you graduate. GWU is known for it's great medical grad programs (and some of their other undergrad), so I'm sure their nursing program WILL be good, but I saw they only took 25 people for fall, and I would be hesistant to attend such a new program myself (although I'm sure, as I said, it will become a very respectable one based on the caliber of many of their other related courses/degrees).