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    Has anyone received the 80% scholarship at Georgetown University for the accelerated 2nd degree program? I just applied for Spring 2010 and hope to receive this scholarship. I plan to stay in the area for awhile so the 3 year commitment isn't a problem for me.

    Did you start working for WHC right after graduation? Is it correct that all of your clinicals, except pedatrics is done at WHC? Did you find this to be an advantage?

    Thank you!

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    I hope someone who got it also replies. I went to an open house not too long ago. With tuition at 70,000, I would seriously need this scholarship.
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    Hi! I response to you both, I am going to be attending Georgetown's 2nd degree program this fall, and received the WHC scholarship. I'm super-excited about it, and it definitely is an amazing opportunity! I can't tell you how it will be having most of your clinicals there, but honestly, I think it is worth it unless you want to get into the clincal practice setting. I believe they said we start in Feb. following our graduation in Dec., and pass the NCLEX (we get two tries they said, although Georgetown's pass rate last year for the graduating cohort was 100% on the first try). I think the pediatric and psych clinicals are not at WHC, but you do everything else there. I think this is going to be a great advantage to have since it will acclimate us to WHC (since it is HUGE) before we even set foot in the door as employees. Also, while you do sign a contract committing yourself for 3 years, that is only if you intend to not have to pay back anything in regards to your tuition. WHC does have the tuition you would owe back figured out on a sliding scale in case you do decide to cut out early. That is certainly not my plan, but again, at least it doesn't mean you have sold your soul and are locked in (although you would be paying them back a good chunk of change). I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to a lot of great experiences with my new cohort and those individuals who are also WHC scholars with me!

    Good luck!
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    P.S. - I think they said the first cohort having received the scholarship graduated last fall (or this fall - I can't remember), so there probably isn't going to be a whole lot of feedback from graduates of the program with the scholarship since it is so new!
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    Congratulations! That is great news and thank you for the information. I didn't realize the scholarship program was so new. That is great that you get a few months off upon graduation to focus on the NCLEX and decompress from the accelerated program. Hopefully I'll be joining you the following semester

    What was the interview like? We're supposed to find out later this month if we'll be invited to the interview next month. I just don't know what to expect. I would love any insight you could offer.
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    Hey, thanks so much for the congrats - again, I'm SUPER-EXCITED to be able to go and get the scholarship! The interview wasn't too bad, just kind of a long day, and the interviews were at the end of everything (so we were all kinda pooped). I think my group had 40 people, but they said we were the largest group for the interview round, and that most days there were only about 20 applicants. I had a lot of fun at the hospital (where you spend most of the day) walking around, hearing more about WHC, meeting with some of the professors/nurses who will be teaching some of our classes, and the other applicants. There was sort of a general discussion while we were at WHC, and the interview at the end of the day was more formal, although it was very brief, and none of the questions were out of left field or really surprising. I honestly think if you make it to the interview (I think they said for fall '09 they had over 300 applicants (the most to-date, although I feel like that number may keep growing w/ the scholarship), and invited less than 1/3 back for the interview round, accepted about 60-something, and about 40-something got the scholarship). Just be yourself and just be sure to let them really understand why you want to go back to school for nursing, and you'll be fine. Overall, it wasn't intimidating or scary - I just remember feeling anxious the whole time because I was really impressed by everything and REALLY hoped I got in!

    Good luck with it, and I too hope to see you too in the spring!
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    Hi Heather and mwk7m,

    Thank you for getting these questions around. I'm interviewing for the ABSN on October 3rd,
    and I'm working on the scholarship essay now. So nervous!!! But thank you mwk7m for the
    encouragement. I was very encouraged as well by some of the statistics I heard during
    my advisement meeting about the percentage of students who receive the scholarship. It was
    something like 42 out of 55, and given that not everyone can make the commitment to the terms
    of the scholarship, that was a heartening figure.

    I'm very nervous because I have 4 classes left to finish this semester, and hope that this won't
    bump me out. I was advised in earnestness to apply for Spring entry (the pool is apparently
    smaller), and hope for the best.

    Heather, have you heard about an interview?

    Best of luck to everyone!!!
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    Congratulations Lizzylou on getting the interview! I have my interview next Thursday...zoiks! I'm nervous about it. I am also working on my essay. Good luck! Hopefully we'll be in class together next semester.
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    Hi Heather, how did your interview go?! I keep hearing about the sore feet after the tour.. I hope you don't mind me asking, were you asked a number of questions or just one?

    Have you sent your essay? I've just about finished - it's hard to stop editing Jeebs, the website says that decisions are released in early October! Just around the corner...
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    Hi LizzyLou,

    The interview went well. This may sound silly, but my favorite part of the whole day was the WHC tour. I could have spent the entire day there

    Our group was between 30-40 people. When our interviews were conducted, I did not experience any questions out of left field. In fact I was really impressed that the people I interviewed with (two professors and a member of the admissions dept) had not only read my essay, but actually drew questions from it. It really felt personal. The girl who went after me said they also asked her questions out of her essay, or specific to her situation.

    The only advice I could offer is review your essay if you haven't looked at it in awhile. But if you're like me, you revised that thing so many times you could probably recite it from memory

    No, I haven't made a lot of headway on my Scholars essay. I know I have only 2 weeks left to get it done. I know what I want to say, just having trouble getting down on paper. My goal is to finish it this weekend.

    I would probably advise against wearing heels, but I walk a lot day to day and can't do it in heels : ) I wore flats.

    I know, I cannot believe that in a month or so I will finally know what I'm doing after Dec. 31st! Good luck to you and let me know how it goes!


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