Georgetown University Hospital - What's it like?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm just curious to know what its like to work at Georgetown University Hospital, aside from pay and benefits (although if you see fit, feel free to comment on those too). Do/did you enjoy the nurses you worked with, the doctors? What about the hours and conditions? What about the cafeteria (silly, I know, but valid!) I'm particularly interested in any information you have on the PICU, but would love to hear about all other areas as well. Thanks for your help!

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    Hi! Have you been hired on at Georgetown for the summer 2010 new grad program?
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    I have been! And you?
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    hey how did you apply for the summer new grad program in georgetown? just wondering...
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    The application came out online sometime in October or November. I applied, took a Nursing Battery Test, had a short phone interview and was invited to New Grad Day. During NGD, I interviewed in the area I wanted to work and was offered a position.
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    thanks for the reply. do you know when the next application period gonna be? how often is the new grad day?
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    You know, I'm really not sure. I would guess its twice a year. I would try calling Nurse Recruitment. The number is on the GUH site. Good luck!
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    It might not be from a nursing point of view… but my sister is a Pediatrician at Georgetown, in her last year of residency, and I know that she loves the hospital. Actually, she’s always commented on the quality of the nurses who work there.

    Best of Luck!
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    Georgetown is notorious for hiring lots of new grads because the turnover rate is so high. I worked there three months and left and most of the other new grads that came in with me were out of there by the time they got their second bonus check. Of course everyone's experience is different but I couldn't help but present another view point.
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    question boisern84? or to any guh nurses...

    so i have been offered a micu job at georgetown. i am coming from mn if i make the move. do you think it is worth it? the pay is different and i would be loosing about $4/hr to work in dc. life is certainly more expensive out there as well. given all of your experience...what do you think?

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