George Washington University Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

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    Does anyone know anything about GWU's accelerated BSN program? (ie. reputation, acceptance rate, etc) Any info would be really helpful.


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    I went to one of their information seasons. This is the first year for the program so it doesn't have a reputation yet. I think they said they were going to accept around 40 students this fall. The facilities looked nice and they are going to be moving to new building by the fall. Since they have only been around a year they don't have any statistics on acceptance rate or anything. They are still fine-tuning the program and working on getting more places for clinicals. I think she said classes are always start around 8:00 and clinicals start around 7:00. You don't seem to have much choice of where and when your clinicals are at this point but that could change. I think all the sites so far are in VA. Apparently everyone that started the program in the fall is still in the program. So that's a pretty good sign. But all in all it seems like a pretty good program and GW in general has a good reputation.
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    I too am an applicant to GW's accelerated program for the fall. I really hope we hear soon... I'm from Pittsburgh and am finishing up my degree in Health and Rehabilitation Science at Pitt and will be graduating in May . The wait for schools is excruciating...I have had this application turned in months ago....
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    I hope we hear back this month. I am already in a nursing program but I want to relocate to the DC area and probably transition to California. GWU application wait is very long hopefully they start providing feedback soon.
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    I sent an email to GWU asking about when we would know our admissions decision and they said that the admissions committee was hoping to have them sent out by mid-May. I really hope it is sooner, like next week!!
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    Me too. I really hope I get in.
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    Yeah they told me the middle of May as well. I really hope I get in too. I already didn't get into two other schools. But GW is my first choice anyway.The number of people applying to nursing schools this year is ridicules.
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    Yes, I am too waiting for the news from GWU. Good luck everyone. Please post the news if anyone gets the respond from GWU.
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    Okay so it is May 11th. Has anyone heard back yet? Hopefully We will know by the end of this week!!!
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    Yeah, I'm thinking we'll either hear on friday or maybe early next week. They said that they had a high volume of applicants...I wonder how many people applied? Its scary cause there are only 40 seats in the program!

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