Catholic University of America - Washington, DC

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    I just received the letter of acceptance from the CUA and am really excited to start. Has anyone attended this university? What was your experience? How difficult is the program? How good are the professors? Share your thoughts, experiences, and advice.
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    I was recently accepted to both Catholic University and Marymount university. I was wondering how your experience has been with CUA and how is the program?
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    I have a friend who graduated from the CUA nursing program recently and all she told me was that she wouldn't recommend going there. I had looked up NCLEX pass rates a while back and I'm pretty sure CUA had a relatively low pass rate.

    Also found this thread where someone mentions that their NCLEX pass rate in 2009 was 60%
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    Thank you for your reply and directing me to that post. I'm new to the website.
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    I am a CUA alumni and graduated May 2011. The program has gotten better these past few years, it was terrible for my class because we were the guinea pig. They continue to make changes with the BSN program. I would have to say that the program was neither easy nor difficult. I had a great experience overall with the school of nursing and it was even better this past two years because they now have amazing faculty members on board. The SON Undergrad Dean is very friendly and approachable, let's just say that shes the kind of person you would want to be your nurse when you get sick. She's very caring and understanding. The professors are great, I loved my clinical instructors.